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Monday, November 2, 2009

And I Quote

What about a law that says it’s a federal crime to attack somebody because of his religious beliefs? Not a chance!

~ Pat Robertson, outraged that queer beatings are now illegal

Liars and Fools

Liars and Fools

Lou Dobbs is still harping on the idiotic North American Union conspiracy theory
Simple minds.

Pat Robertson's insane ranting this week includes: "the noose has tightened around the necks of christians"
So what if it has ... how is this a bad thing?

James Manning threatening the president (and committing treason to boot): "If we let Obama live, America dies"
And why is this nutcase not behind bars or in front of a firing squad?

Mitch McConnell (reptile - Kentucky) is still lying saying health care reform "may cost you your life"
He is such a moron there is no need to elaborate.

Alan Keyes keeps up his delusinal lies saying the Obama administration is preparing to stage terror attacks, declare martial law and cancel the 2012 elections
Why does that book by Harriet Beecher Stowe come to mind anytime I see something about this idiot?

Jebby Boy (the shrub's kid bro) (retard - Florida) lies saying Obama is trying to "attack capitalism"
That was big brudda what done that, there, Jebby.

Faux News is 'asking' one of their 'polls' again, this time: "Do you think the Taliban wants victory more than Obama?"
A 'poll' by Faux News - enough said.

Lou Dobbs lying yet again saying Senator Harry Reid (Democrat - Nevada) is "extraordinarily dangerous"
Extraordinarily inept, maybe. Dangerous, not so much.

Michelle Bachmann (Bat-Shit Crazy - Minnesota) in her delusion lies saying "This is our liberty and tyranny moment"
Is she still talking?

More lies from a liar

To nobody's surprise, alleged christian leader Pat Robertson remains a clueless liar, believed and respected by millions of devout followers.

Just when I think I've heard it all ...

About to be impeached, Mark Sanford (reptile-South Carolina) has written a piece about the glory of Ayn Rand and the futility of government for Newsweek.

Making it easier to vote ...

Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota) has proposed legislation allowing voter registration at the polls, nationwide.

The repugicans will, of course, never allow this to pass, since it would make voting easy and they greatly prefer that voting be something just difficult and complicated enough to discourage people who don't have spare time for trips to the voting office, who tend to be folks better educated or simply less white than their average repugican voter.

America's Congressman keeps on hitting'em out of the park

Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Florida) has begun reading true stories of health-care catastrophes in Congress.

Health Care Hell in America

Despite paying $499 per month for what they thought was health insurance, Anthony and Mary Lloyd had no health insurance at all.

More illegal searches

Police can legally search your email without letting you know, according to a ruling by Judge Michael Mosman (shrub appointee 2003).
Your email is routed through internet service providers (ISPs), so all that's necessary to Judge Mosman's mind is a search warrant served on the ISP — the sender and recipient are irrelevant.

You're probably thinking that this is absurd and unconstitutional, because, it is.

Young poet's touching story

Young poet's touching story

Mattie Stepanek died before age 14, but his poems inspired everyone from Jimmy Carter to Oprah.

See why

Conquering your biggest kitchen fears

Conquering your biggest kitchen fears

Struggling with a lobster or cooking meat properly can be downright intimidating.

Critics blast Kellogg's cereal claims

Critics blast Kellogg's cereal claims

The cereal maker is called out for packaging that appears to play off swine flu fears.

Repugican 'wins' won't cure party ailments

Repugican 'wins' won't cure party ailments

The repugican party will need more than a strong off-year-election showing to lift its hopes for the 2010 midterms.


How to feel more appreciated

How to feel more appreciated

It's ironic, but being taken for granted can actually be a form of praise.

Niche idea grows into $5 million empire

Niche idea grows into $5 million empire

Jeffery Morin calls his business "poor man's coin collecting," but it has treated him well.

Iconic mountain's drastic changes

Iconic mountain's drastic changes

The glaciers on one of the world's most-notable landmarks are rapidly shrinking.

Battle over face veil heats up in Egypt

Battle over face veil heats up in Egypt

New rules restricting women's use of the niqab fuel growing tensions over Islamism.

Avoid the pitfalls of dog adoption

Avoid the pitfalls of dog adoption

There are plenty of great reasons to adopt a dog, and a few really bad ones.

Small towns with big job prospects

Small towns with big job prospects

These rural areas combine outstanding quality of life with low unemployment.

Ugliest automobiles of past 50 years

Ugliest automobiles of past 50 years

The Bond Bug had three wheels, a boat-like bottom, and, yes, zip-up windows.

Processed foods linked to depression

Processed foods linked to depression

A steady diet of fried foods and sweets will significantly dampen your mood, new research shows.

Happier food

Seven quick dinners

Seven quick dinners

Getting dinner on the table is worry-free with these simple menus for every day of the week.

What soft drinks do to your body

What soft drinks do to your body

Find out how soda can hurt the immune system and increase belly weight gain.

A hotel room with a celestial view

A hotel room with a celestial view

A space tourism company says it is on target to open an orbiting hotel in 2012.

Civilian Killed In Blast At NC Army Post

A North Carolina Army post is trying to explain why a civilian was killed in an explosion near a firing range observation point.

Civilian Killed In Blast At NC Army Post

North Carolinians Favor Health Care Reform

According to the latest poll released from Elon University, three of every four North Carolina residents believe the current health care system in the country needs reformed.

North Carolinians Favor Health Care Reform

Funny Money

Three N.C. residents face forgery charges after deputies say they used dozens of counterfeit $20 bills at Carowinds Saturday.

The three were arrested Saturday after witnesses identified them as using fake $20 bills at the amusement park's games that day, according to a York County Sheriff's Office Report.

Sharod Mitchell, 19, of Forest City; Arthiando Phillips, 21, of Shelby and Sarah Colon, 19, of Cherryville have each been charged with forgery and criminal conspiracy, sheriff's office documents show. All three remained in custody Sunday at the Moss Justice Center.

Deputies found $1,175 on the trio - much of it folded separately in sets of $15 to $19 as though it was change from a small purchase with a $20 bill, the report says.

Carowinds security had 37 fake $20 bills that had been spent at the park that day, and park officials expect there may be more.

A park employee noticed that the money looked odd and notified security, Carowinds spokeswoman Dani Swords said.

Security then tracked the trio through the park before calling police, Swords said.

"This is not something that happens often," Swords said. "We're happy an associate was (able) to detect it. ... We're glad we're able to catch people doing the wrong thing."

All three denied involvement in a scheme involving fake money, according to the report.

Two of the original bills that had been duplicated were among the found cash, the report says. Deputies also found evidence in Colon's car in the parking lot.

All three have been banned from Carowinds.


Now, trying to pass bogus bills is really stupid to begin with ... but at an amusement park?

Tower of London Beefeaters suspended for bullying

If the charges are true, it's time to add bullying to the litany of foul deeds committed at the notorious Tower of London, where three English queens were executed centuries ago.

Beefeaters suspended for bullying

Beefeaters suspended for bullying

The story of the first woman to serve at the Tower of London was supposed to be an inspiring one.

Disturbing twist


Ground Beef Linked To E. Coli Death Sold In NC

The federal agency says the ground beef was sold at numerous retail stores.


Stretch Of Highway 103 In Mount Airy Named In Honor Of Donna Fargo

Stretch Of Highway 103 In Mount Airy Named In Honor Of Donna Fargo

The state of North Carolina dedicated about 6 miles of N.C. 103 as "Donna Fargo Highway."

Donna Fargo Highway

AP: Future of GOP and moderate Republicans uncertain

What's most interesting thing about this article is that it's being written at all.

If AP is saying that the future of moderates in the GOP is uncertain, then that theme has struck a chord in the media, and will only make them more likely to write such stories in the future.

About time the media caught on to what we've known for a long time.

Only it is not uncertain - it is no future.

Why a high IQ doesn't mean you're smart

IQ measures the brightness of our mental searchlight.

But where we point it also matters.

Clever Fools

Police Looking For Suspect Who Shot And Killed Four In Mt. Airy

Officers are looking for Marcos Chavez Gonzalez, 29 in connection to the shooting. They believe he is still armed with an assault rifle used in the shootings.
  • Play Video

  • Police Looking For Suspect Who Shot And Killed Four In Mt. Airy


    Mount Airy Shooting Suspect Arrested In Virginia

    Four people died after the suspect opened fire in the parking lot of Woods TV on Sunday afternoon.
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  • President Clinton honored with statue

    President Clinton honored with statue

    With chants of "USA," former President Bill Clinton attends an emotional unveiling in Kosovo.

    Thriving jobs that are here to stay

    6 thriving jobs that are here to stay

    Even in a down economy, opportunity exists in energy, health care and education.

    Peru's Nazca culture was brought down with its trees

    New evidence suggests the fate of the ancient Nazca society of Peru was entwined with that of the Huarango tree.

    Deforestation left nothing to hinder ancient flood-waters on the desert plain, researchers find.

    Full Story

    Cutting trees doomed ancient people

    The once-flourishing Nazca civilization fell into oblivion after it began clearing forests.

    New credit-card evils to know

    5 new credit-card evils to know

    More cardholders are getting slapped with fees they've never seen before.

    An Atheist’s Review of the Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb

    r crumb illustrated genesis

    It’s true what they say. Sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

    Especially when those pictures are drawn by Robert Crumb.

    And especially when those words come from the Bible. [...]

    Of course I’ve read Genesis. More than once. It’s been a little while since I’ve read the whole thing all the way through, but it’s not like it’s unfamiliar. But there’s something about seeing the story fleshed out in images to make some of its more striking narrative turns leap out and grab your brain by the root. There’s nothing quite like seeing the two different creation stories enacted on the page to make you go, “Hey! That’s right! Two completely different creation stories!” There’s nothing quite like seeing Lot offer his daughters to be gang-raped to make you recoil in shock and moral horror. There’s nothing quite like seeing the crazed dread and burning determination in Abraham’s eyes as he prepares the sacrifice of his own son to make you feel the enormity of this act. Reading these stories in words conveys the ideas; seeing them in images conveys the visceral impact. It makes it all seem vividly, immediately, humanly real. [...]

    And so, when it came to illustrating the freakier and more unsettling aspects of the narrative, he pulled no punches. The multiple marriages, the concubines, the brutal wars, the enslavements, Jacob extorting Esau out of his birthright, Abraham lying to the Pharaoh and saying that his wife was his sister, Noah’s Lot’s daughters getting him drunk and screwing him, the deliberate deception and massacre of an entire town, Joseph taking advantage of famine and drought to seize the wealth of an entire region… it’s all here, fleshed out in blood and sweat and tears, in vivid, unforgettable, often nightmarish detail. It’s really hard to see all that, and still see this book as a divinely inspired guide to living an ethical life. It’s really hard to see all that, and see this book as anything other than a story of survival and conquest in a brutal and bloody period of human history.

    An Atheist’s Review of the Book of Genesis Illustrated by a Legendary Comics Artist

    Chris Christie Steals Monty Python Material for Ad

    Chris Christie, 47, the repugican candidate for Governor of New Jersey in Tuesday's gubernatorial election, has used some Monty Python material without permission.

    The comedy troupe is none-to-happy.

    Full Story

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