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Sunday, November 8, 2009

White Rabbit

Has it really been 40 years?!

Lieberman declares Ft Hood shooting an Islamic terrorist act with no proof

We have no idea what happened yet.
But Joe Lieberman is already on FAUX feeding hatred of Muslims, and national hysteria to boot. The man is an idiot. And he's sounding like a bigot too.
Joe Lieberman called the Fort Hood massacre an act of "Islamist extremism" - even as top Army brass warned Sunday against guessing at a motive, fearing backlash against Muslim soldiers.

"There are very, very strong warning signs here that Dr. Hasan had become an Islamist extremist and, therefore, that this was a terrorist act," Lieberman (idiot-Conn) told Faux News on Sunday.
"If the reports that we're receiving of various statements he made, acts he took are valid, he had turned to Islamist extremism."
It is totally irresponsible of Lieberman to feed this story, knowing full well that it fuels hatred against Muslims, and Arabs.
Then again, might be that is his intent.

'NCIS' role for the Navy's top official

'NCIS' role for the Navy's top official

Secretary of the Navy Ray Maybus is guest starring on the show, but he isn't playing himself.

Country basks in newfound fame

Country basks in newfound fame

Thanks to a popular book and TV series, the southern African country Botswana is now a star.

Habits of highly annoying coworkers

Habits of highly annoying coworkers

The worst things about many jobs are not long hours and low pay, a survey shows.

Earthquake hits Indonesia

At least 38 people have been wounded and scores of houses, school buildings and a health clinic have collapsed after a quake of 6.7-magnitude on the Richter scale rocked the eastern parts of Indonesia Monday morning (Sunday evening), officials said.

38 injured as 6.7-magnitude quake hits Indonesia

National Security or 'tea party'

When it's a choice between strengthening the Patriot Act, or showing up for the 'tea party non-patriots', what's a repugican lawmaker to do?

We'll give you one guess ...

Full Story

Proving once again they are all smoke and mirrors with no substance whatsoever.

Teabaggers attack Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel

Can you believe this shit!

The photo below is of Elie Wiesel in the Buchenwald concentration camp.

He's in the second row from the bottom, seventh from the left (next to the wood support).

Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel criticized a teabagger protester in Washington, DC this week who held up a sign showing dead bodies from the Dachau concentration camp stacked in a pile, and compared this to the Democrats' health care reform plan.

Here are a few of the Teabaggers' responses to Weisel, posted on Politico:

Rothschilds nothing! Everyone knows that Obama is George Soros sock puppet. Wasn't Soros Jewish once upon a time? May the Schwartz be with you.

The jews need to clam up and accept the fact that they are in a Chritian country.

This hollowcost thing is totally overblown by the jewish.

Eli Wiesel should just go back to Indonesia. I don't see him condemnig the terrorist shooter at Fort Hood.

Elie is a whiner. She should stop her whining. You didn't not complane when the libs were calling Bush Hitler.

You know what? The fact is that at a time in history, The Rosthchild family controlled practically everything.This is a fact. Not anti semitic. I resent the Jewish outrage at everything. I am a tea partier. obama is a Marxist and takes his orders from George Soros... it is similar and these people need to get a life., Why any Jew would support the Obama administation is a mystery anyway. He is a Muslim sympathizer and the greatest threat to Israel ever to sit in the White House. Wake up Jewish community. Take off the blinders.

Rothschild sign? Well its factually true. They were one of the primary families involved in founding the Federal Reserve and are still in it up to their necks. Obama, Bush, and every president since Wilson have done as the Fed told them. Since it a valid historical fact that this family was involved in creating and still has ownership of a substantial piece of the Federal Reserve (but nobody seems to know how much), I guess its now Anti- Semitic to discuss anything a Jew does critically? This guy is a Hebrew Al Sharpton.

Elie, how did that whole Madoff thing work out for you?
Elie Wiesel: Newest, most current tool of the sick, perverted, racist, anti-semetic Democrap party. Have you no shame Democraps?

"most American jews are not very religious and many are outright unbelievers, Jews in name only." Many older Jews in America feel shame for BEING in America, rather than emigrating to Israel in the late 1940s. Many sent money to help the colonization, and a few sent Army-surplus rifles, but the majority came up with the most interesting excuses for not answering the call to gather together and forge their homeland.

Elie Weisel is disgusting PR-seeking profiteering demagogue who has made a fortune off playing on the world's guilt trips about the what happened to the Jews during WW2. Most objective WW2 researchers agree now that the beastial Nazi''s, who happened to be anti-capitalist Socialists, killed even more Slavs and Gypsies in their concentration camps than Jews, but you don't see the Slavs and Gypsies trying to profit off the "Holocaust" like some of the shameless powerful Jews in the media.

I sometimes wonder what has happened to the Jewish people?. The Bible says that they are GODs' people and Israel is their home land. I see so many Jews seem to have abandoned their faith and I think this has to sadden our Father in Heaven. I see many Jews that are homosexual-actively promoting it as a "normal" lifestyle. I see many Jews involved in the ACLU- which I call the "Anti Christian Liberal Union", this bothers me as how can one be against their Father and Son in Heaven who are for Life??. I see many Jews in Hollywood making filthy ,sinful movies-what happened to the good, Family movies??. I see many Jews full of Greed in Hollywood, Wall Street,etc. I see many Jews involved in abortion groups- how can one support the killing of human fetuses??, especially people who have suffered through the Holocaust??. I am not anti-semitic, I know many will come on here and attack me. I am simply stating what I see and I believe our Father in Heaven is wondering what is happening to his "chosen" people?. He sent his only son to Earth to die for our sins and I think He is wondering the direction our Country is taking??. I am praying for our Country and all the Jews in our Country and pray that our Father will forgive us all for our sins. I hope I have stated what GOD would have wanted me to say?. GOD Bless and Pray for our Country.

Old man should go away


The teabaggers have crossed the last line ... ignorance, stupidity not to mention total lack of grammar and spelling skills - i.e., basic literacy - are what these foul mouthed mouth breathing troglodytes revel in. Embracing lies and pleading for another porking up their arses all the while spreading lies and more lies about everything.

Big hint for you idiots ... This nation is NOT and NEVER HAS BEEN, NOR EVER WILL BE a christian nation ... so you can stop with that lie now.

Casimir Pulaski now a US citizen

Paying the ultimate price should automatically make one eligible.
It is good to see the US finally extend the honor.
Finally, Gen. Casimir Pulaski became an American citizen on Friday, 230 years after the Polish nobleman died fighting for the as yet-unborn United States.

President Barack Obama signed a joint resolution of the Senate and the House that made Pulaski an honorary citizen.

Pulaski's contribution to the American colonies' effort to leave the British Empire began with a flourish. He wrote a letter to Gen. George Washington, the Revolution's leader, with the declaration: "I came here, where freedom is being defended, to serve it, and to live or die for it."

Lone repugican to Vote For Health Reform Says Was "A Decision Of Conscience"

A repugican with a conscience?

The lone repugican House member to vote for the House health insurance reform bill on Saturday night admitted on Sunday that his vote was one of "conscience.

Full Story

I guess stranger things have happened ...

Most unique places in the world to visit

Most unique places in the world to visit

Travelers are trading beach vacations for unforgettable experiences in faraway lands.

Man does backflips down a sand dune

Man does backflips down a sand dune

There are easier ways to go down a steep hill, but none of them make you look this cool.

Eight restaurants that are getting it right

Eight restaurants that are getting it right

People are eating out less, but these places have the right recipe for lean times.

Why did our species survive the Neanderthals?

According to Clive Finlayson in The Humans Who Went Extinct, we were just lucky.

Health News

In Health News: pfcs are everywhere -from teflon pans to stain resistant carpeting and take-out food containers. a new study shows a strong association between these chemicals and increased human cholesterol levels.

Chemicals and Cholesterol

Remembering fallen symbol of oppression

Remembering fallen symbol of oppression

Germans recall the "new beginning," 20 years after the destruction of the Berlin Wall.

Gulf Coast braces for Hurricane Ida

Gulf Coast braces for Hurricane Ida

Louisiana's governor declares a state of emergency as the Category 2 storm churns toward the U.S.

Tame holiday chaos with easy tips

Tame holiday chaos with easy tips

Writing things down instead of keeping track of them in your head is one key to easing the stress.

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