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Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Daily Drift

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Today is - Thesaurus Day

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Today in History

Henry VII marries Elizabeth of York.
Frederick III, the elector of Brandenburg, becomes king of Prussia.
Captain James Cook discovers the Hawaiian Islands, naming them the ‘Sandwich Islands’ after the First Lord of the Admiralty, Lord Sandwich.
Jim Bowie arrives at the Alamo to assist its Texas defenders.
John Tyler, former president of the United States, is buried at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA.
The Isthmus Canal Commission in Washington shifts its support from Nicaragua to Panama as a favored canal site.
Aviator Eugene Ely performs the first successful take off and landing from a ship in San Francisco Bay.
The Russians force the Turkish 3rd Army back to Erzurum.
General MacArthur repels the Japanese in Bataan. The United States takes the lead in the Far East war crime trials.
The German Army launches its second attempt to relieve the besieged city of Budapest from the advancing Red Army.
Gandhi breaks a 121-hour fast after halting Muslim-Hindu riots.
The United States begins spraying foliage with herbicides in South Vietnam, in order to reveal the whereabouts of Vietcong guerrillas.
Plans are disclosed for the World Trade Center in New York.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) isolate the cause of Legionnaire’s disease.
Iraq starts firing Scud missiles at Israeli cities.

A Powerful Anti-Capitalist Movement Is Brewing, Even in This Dark Time

U.S. Couple Fleeing Dumbass Trump Arrive In Halifax

New study reveals why some people are more creative than others

Creativity is often defined as the ability to come up with new and useful ideas. Like intelligence, it can be considered a trait that everyone – not just creative “geniuses” like Picasso and Steve Jobs – possesses in some capacity. 

Amazing Firefighter Catches Baby Thrown From Third-Story Window

WATCH: Amazing Firefighter Catches Baby Thrown From Third-Story Window

California hospitals face 'war zone' of flu patients

Ana Oktay rushed to the hospital in late December struggling to breathe, with a 102-degree fever and a cough that wouldn't let up.
She expected doctors to tell her she had pneumonia or bronchitis.
It was the flu.

Drunk droning now illegal in New Jersey

Sad to think that this was even an issue.

What we can learn from closure of charter school that DeVos praised as 'shining example'

When DeVos and  Melania Trump visited Excel Academy Public Charter School last spring, DeVos praised the school as a “shining example of a school meeting the needs of its students, parents and community.” Melania Trump called the charter school “an exceptional example of a school preparing young women both academically and personally so that they may succeed in a global community.”
That both women are idiots?!
Or is that giving them too much credit?

Hawaii warning officer deluged with death threats over bogus missile warning

The state warning officer who accidentally sent a bogus alert about a missile attack on Hawaii has received dozens of death threats, according to his supervisor.

Japan news issues North Korea missile alert by mistake

Japanese public broadcaster NHK issued a North Korean missile launch alert on Tuesday evening—but, like a warning issued in Hawaii over the weekend—it turned out to be a false alarm.  

ISIL wanted to bomb the Statue of Liberty

The Islamic State militant group (ISIL) planned to attack the Statue of Liberty in New York City with pressure cooker bombs, it has been revealed.
Munther Omar Saleh, 21, and Fareed Mumuni, 22, both from New York, have pleaded guilty to conspiring to support ISIS and plotting a bomb blast in the city in February 2017, but new details of their plot have come to light.

Missouri 'christian' boys camp accused of covering up and ignoring sexual assault by residents

A “ranch”-style 'christian' boys camp in Missouri has been accused of covering up a “pervasive culture of sexual assault.”

Zambia Responds to Dumbass Trump's 'Shithole' Insult with Hilarious Tourism Ad

Close Encounters of the Racist Kind

Why American Hate Groups Went After Johnny Cash In The 1960s

Johnny Cash is one of the most famous musicians of all time, and even though he started out playing rockabilly he went on to transcend musical genres to garner an extremely diverse fan base.
But as it turns out hate groups like the KKK and white supremacists have hated Johnny Cash since his early days- because they mistakenly thought he was married to a black woman.
Sound like a stupid reason to hate a musician with such an amazing catalog of music? Welcome to the Jim Crow South of the 1960s.
It all started on October 4, 1965 when Johnny was arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border for trying to smuggle in a bunch of amphetamines and sedatives he'd bought off a dealer in Mexico:
Customs agents found 475 Equanil tablets and 688 Dexedrine capsules stashed in his guitar case and threw him in jail. Cash spent a night in jail and, two months later, plead guilty to the possession of illegal drugs.
He got off with a deferred sentence and a $1,000 fine—and had no idea that, as he walked down the courthouse steps in El Paso, Texas, with his wife Vivian, he was about to spark a firestorm.
An Associated Press photo of Cash and Vivian ran in newspapers the next day—and to some readers, it appeared that Vivian, an Italian-American woman who was rarely photographed, was black.
The National States Rights Party, an Alabama white supremacist group, republished the photo in its newspaper, The Thunderbolt, with an article that dripped with racist rhetoric. The money generated by Cash’s hit records, it claimed, went “to scum like Johnny Cash to keep them supplied with dope and negro women.”
Cash was harassed and boycotted by some Southern fans. “Johnny and I received death threats, and an already shameful situation was made infinitely worse,” recalled Vivian in her 2008 memoir.
In an October 1966 article, Variety described Cash as “the innocent victim of a targeted hate campaign in the south.” The “racial error,” wrote the anonymous author, had sparked boycotts and threats. “In the code of the south,” the article continued, “there is no greater crime than miscegenation.” At the time, interracial marriages were banned throughout the South.

‘We know it’s you’

‘We know it’s you’: Watch as police confront Idaho man for littering town in neo-Nazi flyers

6-year-old Florida boy dies from rabies

A 6-year-old in Florida named Ryker Roque has died from rabies despite the use of an experimental protocol to treat the condition. 

Australia offers cash for Great Barrier Reef rescue ideas

Australia is calling on the world's top scientific minds to help save the Great Barrier Reef, offering hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund research into protecting the world's largest living structure.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Daily Drift

Welcome to Today's Edition of
Carolina Naturally
The Truth Hurts ...!
Carolina Naturally is read in 210 countries around the world daily. 
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Today is - Hot Chili Heads Day

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Today in History

The Treaty of Lyon ends a short war between France and Savoy.
Charles Edward Stuart, the young pretender, defeats the government forces at the Battle of Falkirk in Scotland.
Captain James Cook becomes the first person to cross the Antarctic Circle.
Simon Bolivar, the “liberator”, proclaims Columbia a republic.
Queen Liliuokalani, the Hawaiian monarch, is overthrown by a group of American sugar planters led by Sanford Ballard Dole.
At the Sand River Convention, the British recognize the independence of the Transvaal Board.
Robert Scott reaches the South Pole only a month after Roald Amundsen.
The Reich issues an order forbidding Jews to practice as dentists, veterinarians and chemists.
The Red Army occupies Warsaw.
Soviet leader Khrushchev visits the Berlin Wall.
A jury in New Jersey rules that terminally ill patients have the right to starve themselves.

I Live in a ‘Shithole Country.’

American Beauty and the Beasts

Broken staircases and spoiled food

Mar-a-Lago, Dumbass Trump’s exclusive club in Palm Beach, required emergency repairs in order to pass a November inspection by Florida health inspectors.

Iran oil tanker leaves 10-mile long flaming slick

A burning Iranian oil tanker that exploded and sank off China on Sunday has left a 10-mile long flaming oil slick, according to local media, while  an Iranian official has admitted that there was no hope of finding survivors.

Why Your Body Fat Is Where It Is

You can use liposuction to move body fat from your belly to your butt, but that won't change the way your body works. Sooner or later, it will start replenishing its fat storage in the areas it did that to begin with. That's due to your hormones -or lack of them.
Specifically, your sex hormones. Testosterone and estrogen are two of the biggest drivers of fat storage—they’re the whole reason that men and women tend to have different body shapes when it comes to chub. Biologically female bodies stash the stuff in thighs and butts, whereas male bodies tend to pack pounds onto the stomach. This is also partly why men tend to have more cardiovascular problems. Abdominal fat exacerbates metabolic issues and triggers all kinds of metabolic changes that have a negative impact on your cardiovascular system.
The way your body does this is way more complicated than just that. For example, too little testosterone has the same effect as too much testosterone! To learn the effects of hormones on body fat, scientists study the ways hormones change, specifically, at puberty and menopause, during gender reassignment therapy, and under abnormal genetic conditions. Read about the role of hormones in distributing your body fat at Popular Science.

19 Foods That Can Fight Sugar Cravings

Why the Federal Cannabis Crackdown May Be a Blessing in Disguise for Legal Weed

Walmart finally apologizes to black professor after ignoring racist incident for over a year

Walmart has issued a formal apology to a black Montana State University professor well over a year after a racist employee disparaged him when he went to get his fishing license renewed.

‘You foreign cunt, it’s my country’

‘You foreign cunt, it’s my country’: Watch racist man harass train passengers with a flood of profanities

Chick-fil-A boots out breastfeeding mom

A woman who was trying to breastfeed her infant at a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Fargo, North Dakota over the weekend was forced out after the franchise’s owner demanded that she cover up or leave.

Child tries to jump out window after taking Tamiflu

After a 6-year-old girl in North Texas came down with the flu, her parents made the decision to give her a flu treatment called Tamiflu. But, they claim, the psychological side effects almost cost their daughter her life.

Toronto police say hijab attack on girl never happened

An 11-year-old Toronto girl's claim that she was assaulted by a man who tried to cut off her hijab never happened, Toronto police said Monday.
The police statement gave no indication as to what motivated Kwawlah Noman's claim on Friday, which drew national attention, including from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

California police find 13 hostages captive in house after 17-year-old girl escapes

Thirteen siblings, ranging in age from 2 to 29, were rescued by police in California from a house where some of them had been chained to beds, and their parents have been charged with torture, officials said on Monday.

North Carolina mother kills two children, jumps off bridge

A North Carolina woman who liked to post videos of her children performing on YouTube fatally injured her son and daughter and then killed herself by jumping off a bridge, police said.

France's 'black widow' on trial

A sensational trial began in Nice, France, on Monday. The defendant: the "black widow" of the French Riviera, who allegedly schemed to seduce and poison elderly men 20-30 years older than her.
Particia Dagorn, 57, is charged in the fatal poisonings of two men—Francesco Filippone, 85, and Michele Kneffel, in his 60s. She allegedly met them through a dating agency, then seduced, poisoned and stole from them. Dagorn unsuccessfully tried to poison a third man, Robert Vaux, who is set to take the stand at her trial.

When Quackery on the Radio Was a Public Health Crisis

Medical cure-alls and scams are nothing new. The traveling medicine show was a popular way to advertise snake oil and other quack cures in the 19th century, and then there were radium treatments for everything in the early 20th century. Many of us recall copper bracelets, Laetrile, and other "alternative medicines." There's a long tradition of getting rich by taking advantage of the gullible. In the 1920s and '30s, these marketers took advantage of a wonderful new medium to reach consumers: radio.
In 1932, the Federal Radio Commission (later supplanted by the Federal Communications Commission), banished from the airwaves fortune-tellers, mystics, seers, and other people peddling dubious claims, but concern remained about what was fit to air and how to enforce rules about truth in advertising. A 1936 edition of Hygeia, a publication of the AMA, lamented that “no adequate and prompt measures are as yet available to curb venal radio stations from selling ‘time’ to anyone who pays the price.”
And when regulators did catch up with fraudsters, enterprising quacks got creative. By setting up towers and transmitters in small towns south of the United States/Mexico border, a phalanx of fabulists launched their own stations, beyond the reach of many regulations.
These Mexican radio stations broadcast with up to a million watts of power, reaching across the US and beyond. That's how John R. Brinkley advertised his surgery to implant goat gonads in humans, and made a fortune. Of course, the marketing of dubious quick cures continues on the internet. Read about the era of quack cures on the radio at Atlas Obscura.

Wise Quacks

A History of the Rubber Duck
If you still have any of your early childhood toys, the odds favor that it may be a yellow duck. The ubiquitous bath toy is not only classic, but fairly indestructible. And they've been around longer than you think -almost as long as rubber itself.
The ducks had their origins in the mid-1800s, when rubber manufacturing began to gain ground. Out of the many animals crafted, they were the most native to water and broke away from the pack. Families who used to make bathing a weekly event prior to Sunday church sessions would entice children to submerge themselves in the murky tubs with a duck, some of which didn’t float. They were intended as chew toys.
Anything that makes bathing a child easier is bound to be popular. The improvements in the rubber duck came because it was popular, which made it a user-driven design. Read what else happened to the classic rubber duck on its way to your bathroom at Mental Floss.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Daily Drift

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Today is - Nothing Day

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Today in History

Ivan IV crowns himself the new Czar of Russia in Assumption Cathedral in Moscow.
The Council of Virginia guarantees religious freedom.
John C. Fremont, the famed “Pathfinder” of Western exploration, is appointed governor of California.
General William T. Sherman begins a march through the Carolinas.
The U.S. Senate recognizes the Anglo-German Treaty of 1899 by which the UK renounced its rights to the Samoan Islands.
One of Ernest Shackleton‘s polar exploration teams reaches the Magnetic South Pole.
Maxim Gorky is authorized to return to Russia after an eight year exile for political dissidence.
The League of Nations holds its first meeting in Paris.
The Allies lift the blockade on trade with Russia.
Franklin D. Roosevelt asks for an extension of the Social Security Act to include more women and children.
Hitler cancels an attack in the West due to bad weather and the capture of German attack plans in Belgium.
Japan’s advance into Burma begins.
Eisenhower assumes supreme command of the Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe.
The U.S. First and Third armies link up at Houffalize, effectively ending the Battle of the Bulge.
The Egyptian government makes Islam the state religion.
Eighteen are arrested in Mississippi for the murder of three civil rights workers.
The Irish Republican Army calls an end to a 25-day cease fire in Belfast.
The Shah leaves Iran.
The Persian Gulf War begins. The massive U.S.-led offensive against Iraq — Operation Desert Storm — ends on February 28, 1991 when the elder shrub declares a cease-fire and Iraq pledges to honor future coalition and U.N. peace terms.

Will natural genetic selection ultimately make us more dumb?

Humans aren’t necessarily becoming more dumb. However, if our genes that predispose us to spend more years in school continue to decline, it’s possible that our IQs will drop in the decades to come, according to a large study.

Some Cities Aren’t Waiting Around for Dumbass Trump to Gut Net Neutrality—They Are Building Their Own

Washington DC subway train derails, no injuries reported

A Washington D.C. subway train derailed early Monday, but none of the 60 passengers aboard were injured on the transportation system which federal regulators have ordered to improve its safety record.