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Friday, November 20, 2009

Inside the world’s largest cruise ship

Inside the world’s largest cruise ship

The Oasis of the Seas cost $1.5 billion to build and is five times larger than the Titanic.

Parents may have to pay for detention

Parents may have to pay for detention

A New Jersey school district is looking to pass off the $10,000 cost of punishing students.

Couple's $60-a-week food challenge

Couple's $60-a-week food challenge

Kristina McLean got creative and still managed to eat treats like snickerdoodle blondies.

Should investors over age 50 own stocks?

Should investors over age 50 own stocks?

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, traditional wisdom about stocks is being challenged.

Ironic twist to big Thanksgiving event

Ironic twist to big Thanksgiving event

A star chef will serve up 10,000 free meals in NYC — but the real surprise is who's taking out the garbage.


House-hunting mistakes to avoid

House-hunting mistakes to avoid

One of these emotional blunders could cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Oh no, we must avert this crisis!

Holiday favorite may not be on the table

A key ingredient for pumpkin pie is in short supply this season, a company warns.

South Carolina talking impeachment for Sanford

It couldn't happen to a nicer asshole.

South Carolina lawmakers plan to formally consider impeaching Governor Mark Sanford for the first time next week, the chairman of the committee beginning that work said Friday.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Harrison told The Associated Press he is appointing an ad-hoc committee of four Republicans and three Democrats who will begin meeting Tuesday. He said he expects to have a resolution to impeach ready before Christmas for the full Judiciary Committee to consider.

Dreaded fish set to invade Great Lakes

From Treehugger:
The Asian carp, a monstrous, invasive fish, has been knocking at the door of the Great Lakes for decades. Now bad news is spreading that the fish may have breached an electric barrier on the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, entering Lake Michigan.

Dreaded fish set to invade Great Lakes

The Asian carp has moved dangerously close to Lake Michigan despite efforts to contain it.

Chinese activist who tried to meet Obama was detained and questioned twice

A leading Chinese human rights lawyer who tried unsuccessfully to meet with President Barack Obama in Beijing this week was detained and interrogated twice during Obama's visit to China, a U.S. lawmaker and an American-based Chinese activist said.

Chinese activist who tried to meet Obama was detained and questioned twice

Woman Loses Disability Insurance Over Facebook Photos

We've discussed how using Facebook and other social networking sites can get you fired, or even keep you from getting a job.
In this case, a Canadian woman lost her disability insurance payment because of Facebook photos.

Full Story

Eye doctor may lose license after calling patient fat

A North Carolina doctor could lose his medical license after a patient complained he made cutting criticisms, including telling her she was fat.

Eye doctor may lose license after calling patient fat

Alabama court says woman can't claim $41.8M jackpot

The Alabama Supreme Court says a woman who thought she had hit a jackpot worth almost $42 million at the Victoryland electronic bingo center will end up empty handed.

Alabama court says woman can't claim $41.8M jackpot

Mom jailed after enrolling son early

A Round Rock mother has been arrested after investigators said they caught her toying with her son's birth certificate to get him into school early.

Mom jailed after enrolling son early

Most Common Travel Scams Exposed and Explained

We all enjoy going on vacation.
Taking that welcome break from standard everyday life in order to maybe go abroad and relax in a different environment to what we're used to.

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Teabagger infighting is leading into chaos

Splintered and infighting among the troglodytes? Well, well, who could have imagined?
Even less surprising is the claim that there is little management experience within the fractured group.
It all sounded so dreamy to the deluded just a few short months ago.
Disagreements over those issues have spawned personal and institutional rivalries, at least one highly contentious lawsuit and — perhaps most significantly — resulted in the splintering of local, regional and national groups into a patchwork of hundreds of smaller groups that occasionally seem to be working at cross-purposes.

“These groups don’t play as well together as they should,” said Kevin Jackson, a St. Louis-based conservative author and activist who has spoken at dozens of tea party-type rallies and is traveling across the South with a convoy sponsored by the national Tea Party Patriots group.

“They’re fractured at the organization level, I think mainly because there are a lot of people who have not had managerial experience who all of a sudden are thrust into the limelight and become intoxicated with it. And when a potential rift comes up, instead of handling it and maybe agreeing to disagree, they splinter and go off on their own.”

It couldn't be happening to a better bunch of idiots, now can it.

Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world

Relax ... this is awesome!

First photo of baby Coelacanth

 Wp-Content Uploads Aleqm5J6C5Wfh8Bovjov 3D4Pnnifbz0La

Above is the world's first photograph of a baby coelacanth, recently taken by Japanese researchers off Indonesia's Sulawesi Island.
A cryptozoology favorite, coelacanths were thought to have been extinct for 65 million years until one was found alive in 1938.

You can find out more below:

"First Baby Coelacanth Photos Taken"

"Aquarium snaps world's first photos of young coelacanth"

Or you can watch this video:

Dumb code could stop computer viruses in their tracks

Machine code inserted into all email attachments could prevent even the newest viruses from delivering their payloads.

Dumb code could stop computer viruses in their tracks

Some of us old computer guys have known this for years and there is no 'could' about it ... it does.
But don't let the "Internet Security" companies hear that you know this - they will lose 99.9% of their business if word of this gets out.

Liars and Fools

Today's Liars and Fools are:

Louie Gohmert (retard - Texas) lies saying Democrats are "allowing terrorism back in New York".
He's an idiot and even some of his fellow wingnuts agree he and those lying as he is are idiots.

Faux's Swill O'Really calls for her murder saying that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be bobbing up and down in the Boston Harbor" after taxpayers revolt.
OK, now can we finally put this criminal behind bars because inciting murder is a crime you know.

Wingnut christains (is there any other kind?) love a t-shirt that encourages Obama's assassination.
They would ... having being (and still are) the group that has brought the most death and destruction to the human race in the entire history of the human race ... they would

Texas Bans Straight Marriage

Law designed to forbid gay civil unions actually bars any unions

The geniuses who wrote Texas’ gay marriage ban may have banned all marriage in the state, according to one Houston lawyer.

Subsection B of the ban, a constitutional amendment ratified in 2005, states, “This state…may not create or recognize any legal status identical or similar to marriage.”

The intent was to prevent even civil unions for gay couples—but it doesn’t actually specify the “gay” part. The wording essentially “eliminates marriage in Texas,” Barbara Ann Radnofsky, the Democratic candidate for state attorney general tells the McClatchy Papers. “You do not have to have a fancy law degree to read this and understand what it plainly says.”

Wingnuts scoffed at Radnofsky’s tactics. “It’s a silly argument,” said the head of an 'organization' that helped draft the amendment. A lawsuit based on it would have “about one chance in a trillion” of succeeding.

Winfrey ending her talk show

Oprah Winfrey ending her talk show

The insidious host will announce when she's leaving and explain her decision on Friday's show.

Her end date


It's about time! The hack has ruined countless lives.

The world will be a better place without this drivel. Who cares what her 'reasons' are!

What's wrong with Abercrombie & Fitch?

What's wrong with Abercrombie & Fitch?

Shares in the retailer have soared 75%, but one analyst says the brand has become "irrelevant."

The biggest killers of children

The biggest killers of children

While AIDS and malaria get more attention, two preventable and curable illnesses kill millions of kids.


Kiss puts woman in court

A western Pennsylvania woman has been ordered to stand trial on charges she passed a drug-filled balloon to a state prison inmate while kissing him.

Kiss puts woman in court

Sarah Palin "Just Plain Nutz" On Sale

Bookshop Santa Cruz on Pacific Avenue is offering an essential item as a companion to the new Sarah Palin book.

Full Story

Shaniya Davis Was Raped And Asphyxiated

Fayetteville Police say they've charged Mario McNeil with first degree murder and first degree rape of a child.

Shaniya Davis Was Raped And Asphyxiated

New license plate law to take effect

Drivers in North Carolina who cover parts of their license plates could face tickets and fines under a new state law that goes into effect next month.

The law, passed by the N.C. legislature this year, requires that the state's name, year and month registration stickers be fully visible. Previously, they could be partially covered by license plate frames.

The measure was supported by law enforcement officials, who say it will make reading registration information and identifying vehicles easier in North Carolina.

Starting Dec. 1, drivers can be cited for an infraction if they cover the state name or registration stickers

Fines don't kick in until Dec. 2010, when the citations will start carrying a $100 penalty.

New fossils reveal a world full of crocodiles in Sahara

New fossils unearthed in what is now the Sahara desert reveal a once-swampy world divided up among a half-dozen species of unusual and perhaps intelligent crocodiles, researchers reported on Thursday.

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