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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Man who claimed disability spotted on TV show

California tax officials say an interior designer's false disability claim was uncovered when he was spotted on a home improvement television show.

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Watching the Wheels

John Lennon

Woman loses benefits over Facebook pics

Woman loses benefits over Facebook pics

A Facebook user on long-term sick leave says she lost her benefits because of photos of her "having fun."

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In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life; it goes on

-Robert Frost

Astronomical Picture of the Day

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Light Echoes from V838 Mon
Credit: NASA and the Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI)

Icy moon's lakes brim with hearty soup for life

Lakes on Saturn's moon Titan are loaded with acetylene, a chemical some scientists say could serve as food for cold-resistant organisms, a new study suggests.

Icy moon's lakes brim with hearty soup for life

The most naive and dangerous decision?

What would you consider to be "the most naive and dangerous decision" you have "ever witnessed the United States government make"?

... installing Bush as President instead of counting the votes in Florida ... Attacking Iraq on the pretext of lies ... Trillions in bailouts for bankrupt bandits on Wall Street ... And years earlier, dismantling the regulations to allow those bandits to thrive...

Well, Mike Pence (retard-Indiana) has a different "most naive and dangerous decision" he's ever seen.
It's the decision to prosecute one alleged terrorist in a federal courtroom.


Hello?! Reality check for Mike Pence. Reality check for Mike Pence on aisle five!

Glenn Brick is ignorant ... so what else is new?

Is it possible that Faux's Glenn Brick isn't just 'acting' (OK, that's a rhetorical question), that he's actually so ignorant of reality in America that he can't grasp why blacks in America tend to self-identify as African-Americans instead of just Americans?

"I don't identify myself as white, or a white American", he says, and then three paragraphs later he's saying, "I have to tell you, as a white guy, as a white guy, I'm just being real honest with you, as a white guy ..."

Birther to pay whether she likes it or not

Judge Clay Land has ordered the U.S. attorney's office to collect $20,000, plus interest, from "birther" lawyer Orly Taitz.

Repugican Troop Support at its Best

Tom Coburn (reptile-Oklahoma) placed a secret hold on legislation he doesn't like, single-handedly blocking aid for disabled American veterans.
And then, after his strategy became public knowledge, he lifted the hold.
But just imagine what he might do if he didn't support the troops.

Liars and Fools

Liars and Fools today include:

Faux's Swill O'Really doesn't usually announce where he's coming from so plainly as saying "I don't care about the Constitution".
It's only the honesty that's surprising.

Virginia Foxx (retard-North Carolina) wants to remind you that though Democrats love to engage in revisionist history, repugicans "were the people who passed the civil rights bills back in the ’60s without very much help from our colleagues across the aisle".
Seems I remember the era a bit differently as does any sane person ... oh, that and History, too.

Faux's Glenn Brick has announced his 100-year plan to end the two-party system.
My sides are hurting from the laughter on this one.

Climate Change will not be all roses

Economy ready to fall again ... soon

We aren't out of the mess the repugicans caused!
And won't be anytime soon.

European financial giant Société Générale is telling its clients to be prepared for "global economic collapse" soon.

More TSA insanity

Phil Mocek did his homework, and confirmed in advance that there's no law requiring that passengers present ID cards in order to fly, if both the departure and arrival airports are within the United States.

Yet, Mocek was arrested at the airport in Albuquerque when he declined to show his identification to Transportation Security Authority (TSA) employees.

He was accompanied on his would-be journey by his friend, Jesse Gallagos, who had confirmed in advance that there's no law banning photography at the airport. Gallagos was "detained" for attempting to take pictures of his friend's arrest.

H1N1 flu deaths rising in UK

Most people in Europe were expecting the H1N1 flu to hit hard in October, though it never quite materialized then. This month is quite another story. The numbers are going up and it's increasingly common for me to discover that business contacts are out of the office due to the H1N1 flu. At least businesses are telling workers to stay home for at least one week, sometimes two, to avoid spreading.

From The Guardian:
Healthy children between six months and five years old will be vaccinated against swine flu, the Department of Health has confirmed.

The expansion of the government's inoculation program was revealed as the latest weekly bulletin showed a sharp rise in patient deaths and the number of children being admitted to hospital.

The overall number of new cases showed a second successive weekly fall. Health officials estimate there were 55,000 new cases this week in England compared with 64,000 last week. There was a slight drop in Scotland.

Appalachian State University Student Shot And Killed

Officers found the student early Sunday morning in his AppSouth apartment.

Appalachian State University Student Shot And Killed

America's best city parks

America's best city parks

The top urban retreats offer more than just walking paths and playing fields.

Exotic new sea creatures discovered

Exotic new sea creatures discovered

Thousands of species thrive in an area once thought to be an underwater desert, a new report shows.

When to repair and when to replace

When to repair and when to replace

Save money by knowing which common household items are better repaired than replaced.

Protect your credit during the holidays

Protect your credit during the holidays

These seven tips can help prevent credit headaches during the busy shopping season.

Fastest-growing jobs with high pay

Fastest-growing jobs with high pay

These professions are expanding rapidly, and some don't require a college degree.

Santa's Fine, But Mrs. Claus Can't Go To NC Parade

Santa Claus is fine at a North Carolina Christmas parade.
But Mrs. Claus has to stay away.

Santa's Fine, But Mrs. Claus Can't Go To NC Parade

Rare Charles Darwin book found on toilet bookshelf

British scientist Charles Robert Darwin, founder of the theory for the evolution of life.

An auction house says it is selling a rare first edition of Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" found in a family's guest lavatory in southern England.

Rare Charles Darwin book found on toilet bookshelf

Good Question

Why is it ...

that the folks debating health care on the hill ... all have health insurance and access to doctors?

Dark galaxy crashing into the Milky Way

A cloud of hydrogen crashing into our galaxy now appears be a galaxy itself, packed with dark matter – many more may be out there.

Java Man

A journey to the Java home of an ancient alpha male

The reality of Black Friday 'doorbusters'

The reality of Black Friday 'doorbusters'

Shoppers might be disappointed to know the truth behind those enticing bargains.

Angry Ireland urges World Cup replay after handball controversy

Angry Ireland called on FIFA Thursday to allow its World Cup playoff with France to be replayed, as a dispute over Thierry Henry's blatant handball threatened to become a diplomatic row.

Angry Ireland urges World Cup replay after handball controversy

Some people are crazy

A man arrested in Oslo, Norway, for driving without a license defended himself by declaring that he is the son of God and does not have to abide by the country's motor vehicle laws.

Some people

Moonshine Festival Takes Over

Moonshine was once an illegal liquor in the United States.
One legal distiller of moonshine in North Carolina helped to put on the event for all to experience the once forbidden drink.

Moonshine Festival Takes Over Madison Streets

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