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Friday, November 13, 2009

YouTube only shuts down Liberals who post FAUX News clips

It's nice to know that YouTube has only decided to destroy any concept of Fair Use for Liberals who post FAUX News clips.
But wingnuts who post them, we now learn, still have their videos up on YouTube, no problem at all.

The new Palin book apparently has some, ahem, errors

That's putting it lightly!


AP does an even bigger fact check of the book - it's not pretty.

Focus on the Family funds abortions?

Hypocrisy in action, folks ...

This is really good.

Happy California Cows Actually From New Zealand

You've probably seen those "Happy California Cows" ads from the California Milk Advisory Board. They advertise that better milk and cheese comes from happy cows, and happy cows come from California.

'Dental button' eases patient fears

'Dental button' eases patient fears

A new invention promises patients more control over the dentist's dreaded drill.

A major moon water discovery

A major moon water discovery

Significant amounts of frozen water are found on the moon, raising hopes for a lunar base.

Ranking the best health insurance plans

Ranking the best health insurance plans

These options received top ratings in member satisfaction, prevention, and treatment.

The swine flu's fatal toll

The swine flu's fatal toll

U.S. government estimates four times as many people have died from H1N1 than previously thought.

'Cash for appliances' program details

'Cash for appliances' program details

The plan, which begins this spring, won't work the same as Cash for Clunkers.

Get a head start on Black Friday

Get a head start on Black Friday

Smart consumers will score huge deals even before the biggest shopping day of the year.

Recluse gives town $20 million surprise

Recluse gives town $20 million surprise

A former manufacturing town is stunned by luxurious new facilities.

Signs you may be a bad coworker

5 signs you may be a bad coworker

If you display any of these habits, you could be pushing your colleagues to the limit.

Five expensive clunker cars to avoid

Five expensive clunker cars to avoid

These vehicles are the least reliable and most expensive to repair on the road today.

Eric Cartman channels Glenn Brick

FAUX News and Glenn Brick get the SouthPark treatment:
What makes this so funny is that it is spot on!

Embarrassed repugicans to Drop Abortion Coverage

Have you ever seen a red-faced elephant?

News reports have revealed that the repugican's health plan dating back as far as 1991 may have included some coverage for elective abortion.
Upon learning of this, Chairwhimp Michael Steele instructed the repugican director of administration to opt the repugicans out of any coverage for elective abortion services in its health insurance policy.

Full Story

13 Facts About Friday the 13th

Today is the THIRD Friday the 13th this year -- an occurance that only happens once every 11 years. Fear of Friday the 13th — one of the most popular myths in science — is called paraskavedekatriaphobia as well as friggatriskaidekaphobia. Triskaidekaphobia is fear of the number 13.

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Cities for people who hate commutes

15 cities for people who hate commutes

Residents in these areas enjoy walkable neighborhoods near public transportation and jobs.

Million-dollar car ends up in swamp

Million-dollar car ends up in swamp

The owner is fine, but a rare Bugatti Veyron sportscar may not be as lucky.

Trees in far north provide biggest climate benefit

Planting forests in the tropics could be a waste of time and money, compared with planting them at high latitudes.

Failed stellar bombs hint at supernova tipping point

Two peculiar white dwarfs with more oxygen than carbon are like nothing anybody has seen before.

Cocaine and pepper spray – a lethal mix?

A mouse experiment suggests deaths in US police custody may have been the result of an interaction between capsaicin and psychostimulant drugs.

Cocaine and pepper spray – a lethal mix?

Cop News

Target's Black Friday bet: $3 appliances

Target's Black Friday bet: $3 appliances

A leaked ad from the retailer reveals some of its best "doorbuster discounts."

Liars and Fools

Liars and Fools

Virignia Foxx lies claiming health care reform is a bigger threat than "any terrorist right now in any country"
She's a stupid redneck - enough said.

Faux's Glenn Brick lies saying the White House and progressives are "taking you to a place to be slaughtered"
OK, which delusion is this from, eh, Brick?

Dimbulb in his syphilitic delusions lies saying that the man who killed 12 soldiers is "just like Obama"
Why is this traitor not behind bars yet?

WingNutDaily lying again claims the mass-murderer advised Obama's transition team
These idiots are still posting?

Brick is fantasizing again and lies saying "anti-free market, Marxist, Maoist radicals" are "looking to overthrow the system"
Delusion number 47, right, Brick?

Paul Broun contines to lie claiming that the health care reform "destroy America as we know it today
Georgia redneck - 'nuff said.

Wingnut Erick Erickson yelling at his fellow morons to tell Nancy Pelosi and the Congress to send Obama to a death panel
Put a sock in it, Erick!

Glenn Brick's guest host lies claiming something about "enslavement" and it will "lead to euthanasia for overweight people"
This is so incoherent even the twisted voids that pass for minds among the wingnuts can't get this.

Michael Savage keeps on lying saying the Democratic Party has been hijacked by "Leninists and Marxists"; "as though Al Qaeda took over the Democrat Party"
So, how many countries are you banned from, now, Mikey?

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