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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Residents prepare for flooding, ice

From the "just what we need" Department:

Residents in Charlotte's low-lying neighborhoods are preparing for flooding as a large storm system heads our way.

Some areas could get 1.5 inches of rain.

Residents living in a floodplain on Dunlavin Way in east Charlotte are still cleaning up from flooding two weeks ago. Now, they're bracing for more.

Ice storm threatens northern counties

Meanwhile, in counties to the north of Charlotte, residents are likely to get freezing rain and ice.

Catawba County emergency officials say residents should prepare to be without power.

"Be prepared to shelter in place and stay off the roads for at least two to three days," said Karyn Yaussy, Catawba County's emergency management coordinator.

Emergency officials in Caldwell County are comparing this storm to the ice storm that left 30,000 homes without power over Christmas.

Residents there are also cleaning up from several inches of snow that fell last weekend.

"Last week was light, fluffy snow and that does not pose a threat to the power lines," said Renee Whitner with Blue Ridge Electric. "This storm, however, we see ice accumulation -- up to as much as 1/2-inch is what's predicted. That can pose a hazard to power lines. It can weigh those lines down. It can weigh down tree limbs and trees."

Line technicians with Blue Ridge Electric have been told to top off their fuel supplies and check their safety equipment. All employees are on high alert and ready to respond if outages occur.

True this storm is more of problem because of the icing ... but com'on enough with the liquid sunshine is all it's varieties all ready.

This Tree's a Lady

Scientists report the first discovery of the female sex hormone progesterone in a plant.

This Tree's a Lady!

Massive job loss underestimate likely

Massive job loss underestimate likely

Close to a million more jobs may have been lost in the downturn than first reported.

Why a six-hour flight now takes seven

Why a six-hour flight now takes seven

Carriers are padding their flight times to improve operations and boost fliers' perceptions.

Messy ketchup packages get a makeover

Everything is getting a 'makeover' these days

Heinz unveils the new Dip & Squeeze packet in response to decades of complaints.

Only Decades! Man they're fast ...

A college degree's real worth

A college degree's real worth

Experts challenge the belief that college grads make $800K more than HS grads.

When homeowners decide to walk away

When homeowners decide to walk away

Once owners are this far "underwater" on their mortgages, they're more likely to choose to default.

Sneaky ways your taxes may go up

Sneaky ways your taxes may go up

With record deficits looming, lawmakers are exploring new ways to raise your tax bill.

Tiny toy gun nearly gets boy suspended

Tiny toy gun nearly gets boy suspended

A mother is outraged after her son is punished for bringing a 2-inch Lego gun to school.

Monopoly gets an extreme makeover

Monopoly gets an extreme makeover

Hasbro introduces a slick remake of its classic board game that might have purists howling.

Americans charged with kidnapping in Haiti

Americans charged with kidnapping in Haiti

Ten Americans are charged with kidnapping Haitian children after the earthquake.


We've said so all along. Just because they claim to be 'good christians' (there is no such thing, by the way), does not make the kidnapping of children anything other than way it is.

Unhealthiest sandwiches in America

Unhealthiest sandwiches in America

Avoid these mega-meals — they can bloat your belly and be disastrous for your diet.

Stewart tells O'Really he's voice of sanity on Faux

Jon Stewart told Swill O'Really that the "no spin zone" ringleader had become the voice of sanity on Faux News Channel, although "that's like being the thinnest kid at fat camp."

The host of "The Daily Show" and Faux's kingpin exchanged some good-natured shots Wednesday during Stewart's appearance on a network he relishes mocking.

Full Story

Ancient Dinosaurs Had Stripes

Some dinosaurs had russet-colored feathers, and one jazzy specimen had a Mohawk crest and stripes, researchers say in the first reports to confidently assign colors to dinosaurs.

Ancient Dinosaurs Had Stripes

Washington man wants tapeworm on state seal

A Washington state man has filed an initiative to change the Seal of State to a well-dressed tapeworm "attached to the taxpayer's rectum."

Full Story

Politician Claims Atheist Sign Is ‘Hate Speech’

From the "Somebody needs to tell this jerk to take a long walk off a short pier" Department:

atheist sign

A candidate for Illinois Comptroller has sued the state for allowing an atheist group to post a sign alongside the religious holiday displays in the State Capitol. William Kelly, a repugican, claims Capitol Police unjustly “detained (him) and escorted him from the building” because he turned the atheists’ sign face down. Kelly calls the sign “hate speech.

Kelly’s federal complaint against the Illinois Secretary of State claims: “In December 2009, a sign was placed in the Capitol Building, approved by the Defendant, that read as follows:

“At the time of the winter solstice, let reason prevail. There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is just a myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.”

Kelly’s complaint does not object to the several holiday displays “celebrating various observances” in the State Capitol. He objects only to the atheists’ sign, which, he says, stood near a Nativity scene and next to a decorated Christmas tree.

Kelly claims that for the two weeks the sign was displayed, visitors, including young children, could get the impression that the sign is “endorsed” by the state as an “opposing view to the displays.”

Politician Claims Atheist Sign Is ‘Hate Speech’

You want to know what 'hate speech' is ... just listen to the words spoken by the asshole, one William Kelly.

Hubble catches Pluto changing color

Hubble catches Pluto changing color

Pluto may take 248 years to orbit the sun, but its surface is changing at a much faster rate. Surface ice on the one-time planet is sporting a new look, images from the space telescope reveal.

The first ever animal trails

Tracks left in rocks 565 million years ago are evidence of the oldest mobile organism in Earth's history.


Science News

From BBC-Science:
Colourful dinosaur
A study of a 150 million year old dinosaur fossil has revealed it had striking multi-coloured feathers

The last speaker of the Bo language in India's Andaman Islands dies at the age of about 85, a leading linguist says.

Astronomers have used a new ground-based technique to study the atmospheres of planets outside our Solar System.

Europa (Voyager Project, JPL, Nasa, Copyright Calvin J. Hamilton)
What are the chances of finding life on Jupiter's icy moon Europa?

Cop News

Has the Hubble Space Telescope spied asteroid-on-asteroid collision debris?

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has observed a mysterious X-shaped debris pattern and trailing streamers of dust that suggest a head-on collision between two asteroids. Astronomers have long thought the asteroid belt is being ground down through collisions, but such a smashup has never been seen before.

Reader Comments

As our readers know the staff here are Carolina Naturally are notorious for they're laxity in checking incoming mail (this time round to the tune of over two thousand missives backed up) which we slog through and maybe publish a few and what not when we get around to actually checking the mail.

We received the following comment just the other day on the public comments on this blog and we've pulled it to post here because the reason given for the reader's liking this blog was a first for us. Also, we liked the greeting in the Native American tongue ... from the area where post originated the language could be Lakota (no offense meant if it is another of the rich native American languages - the assumption on the staff's part is based on the largest group in the general geographic area).

The Comment:

bohzo (hello)

I like your blog, especially your National debt counter.

David M.

Our Response:

Thanks, David. We try to bring news and items of interest together in one place for our readers and most like it. Those that don't, well - it's kinda like the Howard Stern dilemma ... those that like the blog read it daily and those that don't like it read it twice a day.

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