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Thursday, December 3, 2009

International trial's key figures

International trial's key figures

Murder suspect Amanda Knox's trial and its many twists have made headlines worldwide.

Sun-Maid girl's controversial change

Sun-Maid girl's controversial change

When the iconic raisin girl sheds her traditional homely look, the critics pounce.

'Elf' jailed over dynamite hoax on Georgia mall Santa

A man dressed as an elf is jailed after police in Georgia say he told a mall Santa that he was carrying dynamite.

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He looks to be a mite 'tetched' (translation for non-Southerners - touched: as in a bit off plumb mentally) if you ask me.

Rural America's surprising prosperity

Rural America's surprising prosperity

Regional stereotypes of low incomes, limited economic opportunity, and poor schools may not be true.

Moves the government got right

4 moves the government got right

Despite some failings, the government averted an economic meltdown and sent stocks soaring.

Study pays new respect to young athletes

Study pays new respect to young athletes

Physically active teenage boys may actually be smarter than their couch-potato counterparts.

108-year-old veteran's final mission

108-year-old veteran's final mission

Frank Buckles, the last U.S. WWI vet, isn't done fighting for his fellow soldiers.

Yellowstone bison head to billionaire's yard

Yellowstone bison head to billionaire's yard

Ted Turner's offer to take in dozens of quarantined buffalo has conservationists crying foul.

Professions with the worst reputations

Professions with the worst reputations

Even honest owners have to convince customers to push aside their negative perceptions.

New Bible version ignites ancient debate

New Bible version ignites ancient debate

A wingnut overhaul of iconic Bible passages draws fire — even from wingnuts.

Best-paying jobs in America

Best-paying jobs in America

The top salary goes to someone who gets paid to never make a mistake.

The repugicans finally find new leader

As usual the Onion nails it.

House repugicans having jobs summit with architects of the failed shrub economic policy

You can't make this stuff up!

The economy is in a shambles because of the mess created by the failed policies of the shrub and the Dick. Democrats have been trying to dig out of this disaster for the past year. Today, Obama is holding a jobs summit at the White House. The House repugicans are having one of their own:
John Boehner (retard-Ohio) has scheduled an "economic roundtable" today, to compete with the White House's job summit. Roll Call reported, "A spokesman for Boehner said the purpose of the meeting is to give a platform for economists who have a different perspective on how Obama's agenda has affected the economy."

And who are these experts?
Apparently, House repugicans have turned to "former shrub cabal memebers and McCain campaign staffers, who have advocated disastrous tax and budget policies."

So, to summarize, less than a year from the cabal was ousted, congressional repugicans believe it's time to re-embrace the shrub/Dick agenda that didn't work, and listen to the architects of the shrub/Dick agenda that didn't work.
The thing that really sucks is that if Democrats don't fix the economy and create more jobs by next fall, the elections could be a disaster. That will empower the same repugicans who destroyed the economy in the first place. It's as if the repugican economic plan is also their 2010 campaign plan: Ruin the economy in order to defeat Democrats.

Teabagger, the movie

This is an actual trailer for a new documentary about the Teabaggers.
This isn't a joke.
It's an actual serious documentary taking the Teabaggers seriously.
The trailer is bizarre.
These people are insane.
And dangerous.


If they ban non english speakers from Palin's events

Wouldn't that include Palin herself?

Antarctica was climate refuge during great extinction

Animals fled to Antarctica to escape global warming, suggests a fossil study – with implications for how animals may adapt to future global warming.

Antarctica was climate refuge during great extinction

Franken 'fallout' has the repugicans fuming

He made the whole repugican party into rapist sympathizers

The repugicans are pissed at Franken because decent people are using a measure he sponsored to paint them as rapist sympathizers - and because Franken isn’t doing much to stop them ...

As a comedian, talk show host and best-selling author, Franken showcased his ability to dress down repugicans with devastating attacks.

Since becoming a senator in July, Franken has publicly tried to maintain a distance from that image - and aides are quick to note that Franken had nothing to do with coordinating the barrage of attacks waged against the repugicans.

But some of his new repugican colleagues argue that the amendment is being grossly mischaracterized - and has spawned attacks like the satirical website RepublicansforRape.org - and now question whether Franken is doing a good job of separating his past from his current line of work.

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But as Bartcop had to say: Franken didn't make you sons of bitches look bad - you did it to yourself when you sided with Halliburton over the women they drugged and raped.

Liars and Fools

Liars and Fools today include:

Family Research Council lies claiming Obama has a ‘plan’ to ‘impose homosexuality’.
Only there is no such thing as 'Family' or 'Research' about this 'council'.

Tom Coburn (reptile - Oklahoma) lies to seniors telling them 'You’re going to die soon’ if the health care reform passes.
And they're laughing their asses off at him, too.

Brothers living in cave to inherit billions from lost grandmother

Two penniless brothers who live in a cave outside Budapest are to inherit most of a reported £4 billion, ($7 billion), after an astonishing twist in their family fortunes

Zsolt and Geza Peladi have no fixed address and eke out an existence by selling junk they find in the street.

But their scavenging days are about to be over. The brothers have been informed they are entitled to their long-lost grandmother’s fortune, along with a sister who lives in America.

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Obama shifts White House spotlight to unemployment

President Obama turns his attention on Thursday from Afghanistan to the battle against unemployment which has sapped his popularity and may shape his political future.

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Secret Service officers placed on leave after party crash

Two Secret Service officers, (not pictured), were placed on administrative leave in the wake of the party crashing scandal.

U.S. Senator's daughter carjacked in Washington

The 22-year-old daughter of U.S. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee is carjacked in Washington.

Blast in Damascus

Syria's interior minister says there has been a blast in Damascus and witnesses say it has targeted Iranian pilgrims causing an unconfirmed number of casualties.

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Muppets' 'Bohemian Rhapsody' a Web hit

Much like the Muppets took Manhattan, they have taken the Web.
Since debuting last week, the Muppet parody of the classic music video of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" has been viewed more than 8.6 million times on YouTube.

Muppets' 'Bohemian Rhapsody' a Web hit

No. 2 Man at DOJ Quits After Ten Months

The top deputy to Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. says he will return to private law practice. Ogden says he had planned to leave once the department was on the right path. Yeah, right.

Ogden's former porno client list may have come back to haunt him

Deputy Atty. Gen. David W. Ogden, the Justice Department's equivalent of a chief executive officer, announced this morning that he was stepping down after only 10 months on the job, to return to private law practice.

After his confirmation last March, Ogden was responsible for a broad portfolio that included managing the day-to-day operations of the sprawling department, including its criminal, national security and civil divisions.

Justice Department officials had no comment on why Ogden was leaving so soon, though Ogden said today he had always planned to leave as soon as the department was headed on the right path.

Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. praised his top deputy, describing Ogden as an invaluable leader for the Justice Department and the Obama administration at large.

"From leading the transition team that established early goals for the Department to spearheading major initiatives such as our effort to fight healthcare fraud, he has been an effective and diligent advocate for the American people," Holder said in a statement. "Through his work here, he has helped reinvigorate the department's traditional missions, restore its reputation for independence, and make the country safer and more secure."

Ogden, 56, is returning to the blue-chip WilmerHale law firm, which he joined in 2001 after serving with Holder in senior positions in the Clinton administration Justice Department.

Ogden's resignation announcement came on a day when one of his top initiatives was criticized by the independent investigative arm of Congress.

The Government Accountability Office said that red tape and other problems had blocked most of the U.S.-allocated funds for the Merida Initiative from being released. Merida was established by the Bush administration and Congress to help Mexico and its neighbors combat the transnational Mexican drug cartels and related problems such as corruption and drug addiction.

Congress appropriated $1.2 billion for Merida, but only $26 million had been spent by Sept. 30, the GAO said. Ogden was the Justice Department's point person on Merida, but there was no indication that problems within the initiative played a role in his departure.

In a statement, Ogden provided few details about why he was leaving. But he said his goal all along was to help restore credibility to the Justice Department at a time when it was "under attack and when its traditional law enforcement missions had suffered" during the Bush administration, which was sharply criticized for politicizing what is supposed to be an apolitical department.

"During the transition, President-elect Obama and Attorney General-designate Holder asked me to serve as the deputy attorney general, which gave me the opportunity to complete the transition process and see the department solidly on a path to achieving those goals. I accepted that challenge, with the intention of returning to my practice as soon as I felt the department was firmly on that path," Ogden said. "I believe the objectives established over a year ago have been accomplished."

Ogden said he would stay in office until Feb. 5 to give Obama and Holder enough time to identify a successor and ensure a smooth transition.

Ogden said the new administration had reinvigorated the Justice Department's traditional law enforcement mission with new resources and new initiatives. And he said he was particularly proud of helping establish and lead task forces on healthcare and financial fraud. A Border Working Group has helped combat Mexican cartels, he said, while another task force is focusing on attacking international organized crime through increased intelligence sharing with U.S. allies.

Ogden said he has helped put in place "a terrific senior management team that under the attorney general's leadership will build on this foundation," and that the Justice Department "is in good hands, and I feel I can now return to the private practice I have missed these 13 months."

Guinea's president wounded in renegade attack

A renegade faction of Guinea's presidential guard opened fire on the African country's leader Thursday, slightly wounding him amid rumors of deep divisions within the army nearly three months after a military-led massacre of protesters at a peaceful rally.

Up to 22 dead after suicide bomb attack in Somalia

Map locates Mogadishu, Somalia, where a suicide bomber targeted a graduation party in an upscale hotel

A male suicide bomber dressed as a woman attacked a graduation ceremony Thursday in a small part of the capital still under government control, killing up to 22 people, including three Cabinet ministers, doctors and medical students.

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Putin urges tough action against terrorists

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin vowed Thursday that the Russian government will step up the fight against terrorism following a deadly train bombing that killed 26 people last week.

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The minimum-payment smokescreen

The minimum-payment smokescreen

A financial expert says to disregard most of what you know already about paying off credit cards.

Unusual tips

Iran torture whistleblower dead from poisoning

Did anyone really expect anything else?
The extremists in Iran will not tolerate dissent of any kind.
A 26-year-old doctor who exposed the torture of jailed protesters in Iran died of poisoning from a delivery salad laced with an overdose of blood pressure medication, prosecutors say. The findings fueled opposition fears that he was killed because of what he knew.

Investigators are still trying to determine whether his death last month was a suicide or murder, Tehran's public prosecutor Abbas Dowlatabadi said, according to the state news agency IRNA.

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None today but in keeping with the true meaning of the holiday season here is a gentle reminder that there are only 22 more shopping days until xmas.

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