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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The President's new health care proposal to include power to block excessive rate increases

Done right, that would be great.

You can expect the repugicans, and the blue dog defenders of the insurance industry (you know who they are) to come out howling and screaming like stuck pigs.
President Obama will propose on Monday giving the federal government new power to block excessive rate increases by health insurance companies, as he rolls out comprehensive legislation to revamp the nation’s health care system, White House officials said Sunday.
Smart more - a very smart move.
It capitalizes on something in the news, something outrageous, something egregious and something that every American can appreciate.
(OK, so the troglodyte faithful can't appreciate anything they're not implicitly told to do so ... we hold out hope for a miraculous epiphany on their part and a rejection of their overlords by them - yes, we know it's futile, but we can still hope, can't we?)

We should see more of this from the White House, now that it has been determined (finally) that there is no 'bi-partisanship' to be had with the repugicans and that paying attention what the American people are saying - the real Americans, not traitors like Faux, Dimbulb and their ilk - is the way to get things done.

Once the experts get done looking at the details of the proposal tomorrow, they'll be able to confirm that it has teeth.
And that it will take a big bite out of the ass(es) of the grossly bloated insurance industry.

Hypocrites. Liars. Thieves. repugicans.

On this day in 1988, televangelist Jimmy Swaggart confessed to unspecified sins that turned out to be having sex with a prostitute. Swaggart was believed to be behind the rumors of sexual infidelities that brought down his televangelist rival, Jim Bakker. Hypocrites. Liars. Thieves. repugicans. Some things never change.

Health Headlines

Happiness Is Good for Your Heart

Do happy people have healthier hearts, or do healthier hearts make people happier? Researchers at Columbia University would argue the case for the former. The Boston Globe reports that researchers at ...

Equal Opportunity Viagra: It's Her Turn Next

Pharmaceutical marketeers are no doubt looking forward to the day when there are roughly twice as many embarrassing television ads for drugs that promise to improve our sexual experiences as there are...

Aspirin May Stave Off Breast Cancer

As big pharma looks deep into the proteomics of cancer, a pain remedy that is derived from willow bark and was identified in 1829 as salicin appears to have a remarkable power to prevent a recurrence ...

More Liquor Stores Mean More Violence

From the "Well Duh!" Department:

The more bars and liquor stores in an area, the more violence there will be, a new study finds.

More Liquor Stores Mean More Violence

Island's Endangered Trees Seem From Another World

From Treehugger:

cucumber tree socotra photo

In the Indian Ocean, about 150 miles off the Horn of Africa, lies an archipelago of which the island of Socotra is a part. Unlike most island landforms, Socotra was not formed by volcanic activity, but was once attached to the African mainland. Indeed, for millennia the island's plant-life has been isolated, forced to adapt to the heat and drought conditions afforded by its increasingly remote local. The result of this evolution has led to a multitude of plant species found nowhere else on Earth--which, in turn, makes Socotra seem as if from another planet.

Former Super Bowl hero faces foreclosure

Former Super Bowl hero faces foreclosure

Plaxico Burress may lose his 6,872-square-foot waterfront home while he sits in jail.

Good thing too

The human brain is a wondrous thing.

It starts working the moment you are born and continues to do so until you get up to speak in public.

Massive atom smasher being restarted

Massive atom smasher being restarted

Plagued by breakdowns, the device is being prepared to explore secrets of the universe.

$26,500 virtual island pays for itself

$26,500 virtual island pays for itself

The gamer who bought real estate in cyberspace is pulling in big bucks.

Fleet of huge drone aircraft unveiled

Fleet of huge drone aircraft unveiled

Israel says the pilotless planes — the size of passenger jets — can fly as far as Iran.

World's best budget-friendly beaches

World's best budget-friendly beaches

You can kick back on a pristine beach without having to break the bank to get there.

Danica Patrick angry after latest letdown

Danica Patrick angry after latest letdown

The driver storms off the track after her second NASCAR race and calls her finish "shocking."

Batteries that really keep on going

Batteries that really keep on going

Not all AAs are created equal — some have less than half the power of stronger ones.

Fewer hurricanes, but much stronger due to climate change

The bad news in this report outweighs the good, according to researchers.
It's disconcerting to see that this group sees a doubling in the number of category 4 & 5 hurricanes by the end of the century.
The study offers projections for tropical cyclones worldwide by the end of this century, and some experts said the bad news outweighs the good. Overall strength of storms as measured in wind speed would rise by 2 to 11 percent, but there would be between 6 and 34 percent fewer storms in number. Essentially, there would be fewer weak and moderate storms and more of the big damaging ones, which also are projected to be stronger due to warming.

An 11 percent increase in wind speed translates to roughly a 60 percent increase in damage, said study co-author Kerry Emanuel, a professor of meteorology at MIT.

The storms also would carry more rain, another indicator of damage, said lead author Tom Knutson, a research meteorologist at NOAA.

Knutson said the new study, which looks at worldwide projections, doesn't make clear whether global warming will lead to more or less hurricane damage on balance. But he pointed to a study he co-authored last month that looked at just the Atlantic hurricane basin and predicted that global warming would trigger a 28 percent increase in damage near the U.S. despite fewer storms.

Wingnuts Attack Brown as 'Too Liberal'

Scott Brown became the darling of the repugican party after his victory(?) in Massachusetts' Special Election to fill Ted Kennedy's senate seat.

Now the lunatic fringe are blasting him for being Pro-Choice, despite his support for the existing ban on late-term abortions.

The Knives Come Out

More rabid dogs turning on one of their own

Rare maned wolf pups make debut at Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo visitors are seeing something they have not been able to see for the last 25 years - three rare maned wolf pups.

Rare maned wolf pups make debut at Denver Zoo

SC Archaeologists Say Early Octagonal House Found

South Carolina archaeologists believe they might have unearthed the first octagonal house in the United States.

Full Story

Health Care Hell in America

Millions of seniors who signed up for popular private health plans through Medicare are facing sharp premium increases this year -- another sign that spiraling costs are a problem even for those with solid insurance.

Premiums jump on Medicare private plans

Philippine troops kill 6 al-Qaida-linked militants

A marine special operations platoon raided an Abu Sayyaf camp outside Maimbung township on Jolo island following intelligence reports that two wanted militant leaders, Umbra Jumdail and Albader Parad, were there.

Philippine troops kill 6 al-Qaida-linked militants

Dolphin clue to diabetes cure

A trick dolphins use to keep their big brains fed with energy could potentially lead to a cure for adult diabetes, according to scientists in the United States.
A trick bottlenose dolphins use to keep their brains fed with energy could lead to a diabetes cure
Dolphin clue to diabetes cure

'Lots of sleep' boosts your brain

Regular naps and early nights may not be the hallmarks of a wild social life, but they are the smart way to live, research suggests.
Getting lots of sleep and even nodding off for an hour or two boosts brain power, say scientists

Getting lots of sleep and even nodding off for an hour or two boosts brain power, say scientists.

'Lots of sleep'

Link found between words, musical ability

Link found between words, musical ability

Research shows that musical skill may improve abilities important in daily life.

Health News

Extra doses of naturally occurring fat-clearing antibodies might help prevent strokes.

Marines converge on Taliban holdouts in Marjah

Marines and Afghan units converged Sunday on a dangerous western quarter of the Taliban stronghold of Marjah, with NATO forces facing "determined resistance" as their assault on the southern town entered its second week.

Fighter jets, drones and attack helicopters hovered overhead, as Marine and Afghan companies moved on a 2-square-mile (5.2-sq. kilometer) area of the town where more than 40 insurgents have apparently holed up.

Is this the safest house in the world?

Is this the safest house in the world?

This heavily-fortified, super-secure residence includes a helicopter pad for emergency evacuations.


NC Will Get $152 Million Break From Feds On Health Care

NC Will Get $152 Million Break From Feds On Health Care

It's not immediately clear how the break will affect this year's North Carolina state budget picture.

NC Will Get $152 Million Break From Feds On Health Care

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