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Monday, November 30, 2009

Spot the birther

Royal Society puts 60 seminal scientific papers online

The Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge (aka The Royal Society) is celebrating is 350th birthday next year. Spun out in part of the fantastically cool Invisible College, the Royal Society's members have included Isaac Newton, Robert Hooke, Charles Darwin, Tim Berners-Lee, Lise Meitner, Stephen Hawking, Marie Curie, Francis Crick, and countless other smart folks. The organization kicks off its big anniversary year with Trailblazing, a new interactive time-line that includes 60 choice articles from the journal Philosophical Transactions.

From the Royal Society's announcement :
 Wikipedia Commons 9 9D Sprat Leading scientists and historians have chosen 60 articles from amongst the 60,000 published since the journal first began in 1665. Trailblazing will make the original manuscripts available online for the first time alongside fascinating insights from modern-day experts who are continuing the work of scientific giants such as Newton, Hooke, Faraday and Franklin and making vital new breakthroughs of their own in areas such as genetics, physics, climate change and medicine.

Highlights include:

• The gruesome account of an early blood transfusion (1666)

• Captain James Cook's explanation of how he protected his crew from scurvy aboard HMS Resolution (1776)

• Stephen Hawking's early writing on black holes (1970)

• Benjamin Franklin's account of flying a kite in a storm to identify the electrical nature of lightning - the Philadelphia Experiment (1752)

• Sir Isaac Newton's landmark paper on the nature of light and colour (1672)

• A scientific study of a young Mozart confirming him as a musical child genius (1770)

• The Yorkshire cave discovery of the fossilized remains of elephant, tiger, bear and hyena heralding the study of deep time (1822)

As if ...

Wingnut smear king Alex Castellanos will take on a larger role with the repugican party, but he will, of course, also continue working as a CNN analyst.

Because as we all know the media is controlled by liberals.

Renters hurt during economic collapse

From the "Duh" Department:

The economic collapse has been bad news for renters, too.

The repugican plan

Crucial real-estate questions answered

10 crucial real-estate questions answered

The housing market remains extremely volatile, but these are facts everyone should know.

Aerialist survives 20-foot mall fall

Aerialist survives 20-foot mall fall

A performer's tumble during a mall show raises questions about holiday shopping promotions.

Two-minute tricks that beat stress

Two-minute tricks that beat stress

Perk up your mood, reduce anxiety, and feel happier with these quick and easy stress-busters.

9-year-old girl makes surprising find

9-year-old girl makes surprising find

Her rare discovery is going to be part of a permanent museum exhibit at the Smithsonian.

Best new budget-friendly U.S. hotels

Best new budget-friendly U.S. hotels

Trendy and eye-catching, these new hotels offer luxurious stays for under $150.

Seven quick dinners

Seven quick dinners

Get dinner on the table in a snap with these simple menus for every day of the week.

Problems with chicken safety revealed

Problems with chicken safety revealed

Two-thirds of birds tested in a 22-state study were contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria.

Police killings haunt Mike Huckabee

Police killings haunt Mike Huckabee

The ambush in Washington could spell political disaster for the former governor.

Amish settling in a new state

Amish settling in a new state

A once-abandoned landscape is being transformed into scenes that could be from Lancaster, Pa.


Holiday miracle after dialing wrong number

Holiday miracle after dialing wrong number

Lucy Crutchfield's mis-dialed call about her mortgage turns out to be a fortunate mistake.

Three Judges To Testify in Tangled Neo-Nazi Trial Trial Begins Tuesday in Brooklyn

A blogger scheduled to stand trial Tuesday in Brooklyn on charges he made death threats against federal judges apparently was paid by the FBI in its battle against domestic terrorism, according to a published report.

Three Judges To Testify in Tangled Neo-Nazi Trial Trial Begins Tuesday in Brooklyn

Florida woman charged with calling in bomb threat to keep her boss from missing flight

A South Florida woman has been charged with calling in a bomb threat to keep her boss from missing a flight.

Florida woman charged with calling in bomb threat to keep her boss from missing flight

The Most Extreme and Isolated Places to Live in the World

We all go on vacation to relax, experience something new, get away from it all, or maybe to just evade the police.
Whatever the reason, we can all understand that it's a good thing to have some time to ourselves in a location far-removed from our usual daily lives.

Full Story

Officials seize pet cat to pay couple's debt

Russian bailiffs seized a rare pet cat to offset debts incurred by a middle-aged couple in the Kemerovo region of Siberia.

Ways to rev up your career

10 ways to rev up your career

Learn how to stand out amongst your colleagues with these vital tips.

Pirates seize oil tanker headed for U.S.

Pirates seize oil tanker headed for U.S.

The bold attack could pose a huge environmental or security threat to the region.

Useless robber hands himself in

A luckless crook surrendered to police after four robberies flopped in the same day.

Full Story

Hungry snake eats own tail

A hungry snake found his latest meal hard to swallow - when it tried to eat its own tail.

Full Story

Huckabee granted clemency to suspect in quadruple cop killer case in Wash state

John Aravosis had this to say about the cop killings in Washington:
This is very bad.
Huckabee has a history of clemency gone wrong.
Let me remind you of a previous Huckabee clemency we wrote about two years ago:
Huckabee basically helped secure the guy's release because the convict had raped a distant relative of Bill Clinton - and being a distant relative of Bill Clinton, the right-wing attack machine said the woman who was raped wasn't credible (even though the guy was convicted), and they demanded that the rapist be set free because, after all, he only raped a Clinton. Well, it seems that Governor Huckabee agreed. He set the rapist free, and then the guy molested and murdered another woman. But even better? Huckabee now denies that he had anything to do with the release of the rapist/murderer. Funny, then why did Huckabee meet with the parole board on behalf of the rapist/murderer?
More on the cop killer story. It's a nasty story.


What is most frightening is the fact that it is typical repugican behavior.

Magnets for fighting cancer?

Tiny magnetic discs just a millionth of a meter in diameter could be used to used to kill cancer cells, according to a study published on Sunday.

Laboratory tests found the so-called "nanodiscs", around 60 billionths of a metre thick, could be used to disrupt the membranes of cancer cells, causing them to self-destruct.

The discs are made from an iron-nickel alloy, which move when subjected to a magnetic field, damaging the cancer cells, the report published in Nature Materials said.

Full Story

Palin particularly popular among fans of Dimbulb and Brick

While, this isn't news ... it is interesting, however, the fact that yet another poll shows that the remaining wingnuts in the repugican party are far more nutty than just a few years ago.
Those who identify as repugicans today see themselves as more wingnut politically than those who said so during the last years of the shrub's cabal.
This is the challenge for repugicans.
How do you deal with the pressure in your own party to veer to the right, when by doing so, you risk alienating the very people who left your party because it veered too far to the right?


Like we care how the repugicans die off. Just so long as they continue to self destruct we won't loose any sleep over it.

The world looks different if you're depressed

People with the condition find it easy to interpret large images or scenes, but struggle to "spot the difference" in fine detail.

The world looks different if you're depressed

Myths and secrets of the deep

Atlantis was just a story, but other ancient civilizations really have sunk beneath the waves – complete with their temples, megaliths and pirate headquarters.

Drowned cities

Liars and Fools

Liars and Fools for the day are:

Faux's Sean Handjob lies saying un-named Obama official supports forced sterilizations.
And the moon is made of green cheese too.

Wingnut blog compares health care reform to Pearl Harbor.
Real Nazis trying to invoke images of Fake Nazis in the deluded notion we can not tell the difference - this is getting old, morons.

World Wide Ceilidh

The World Wide Ceilidh is today!

For those of Scots heritage the ceilidh (pronounced 'Kay-Lee' and means party) to celebrate being Scots is happening today all over the world.

Unusual Holidays and Celebrations

Today is
National Meth Awareness Day
Stay Home Because You're Well Day

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