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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wolves kill teacher in Alaska

Wolf attack
Candice Berner was attacked while jogging and listening to her iPod Monday evening.Hunters were combing the snowy brush around Chignik Lake, Alaska, on Friday in an attempt to hunt down up to four wolves that killed a 32-year-old special education teacher in the first known fatal wolf attack in the U.S. in modern times.

Google to pull out of China

Google is 99.9 percent certain to shut down its Chinese search engine, google.cn, after coming to an impasse with Chinese authorities, according to report in the Financial Times.
The report cites an unnamed source "familiar with the company’s thinking."

And China is threatening Google if they do ... but as they say 'so sorry charlie'.

Surprising secret to happy employees

Surprising secret to happy employees

A business owner reveals how he built a team of truly satisfied workers.

Massive bust shuts down moonshine still

You know this was in Kentucky, right?!

A moonshine still is in pieces, its product locked up as evidence, and its alleged maker is facing charges.

Nebraska man too drunk for DUI sentencing

Authorities said a 30-year-old-man showed up so drunk for his sentencing for drunken driving that he missed his hearing and now faces even more time behind bars.

Man arrested for wearing guinea pig on his head

A Virginia man has been charged with animal cruelty for skinning a guinea pig and making a head ornament out of it.

Charles Woodson, 40, of 405 E. Criser Road, Apt. 301, remains free on a $2,500 personal recognizance bond pending a March 23 return in Warren County General District Court.

Animal control officer Gerald L. Cubbage says in a criminal complaint form on file in court records that Woodson purchased the guinea pig from Noah's Ark Pet & Aquarium store in Front Royal.

"Charles Woodson was seen by neighbours wearing the skin of a guinea pig on his head," Cubbage says in the complaint form. If convicted of the class 1 misdemeanor, Woodson faces a maximum punishment of 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine.

How Al-Qaida suspect from US tricked his Yemeni guard

An American al-Qaida suspect detained in Yemen fooled his hospital guards into unshackling him by asking to join them for prayers, security officials said Saturday. He then killed a guard who laid down his weapon as he went ahead at prayer time.

The new details of Sharif Mobley's failed escape attempt, indicate the 26-year-old American of Somali descent has a level of training and cunning characteristic of the terror network.

U.S. mom: Daughter 'lost her mind'

U.S. mom: Daughter 'lost her mind'

Mother of woman arrested in alleged murder plot details her daughter’s conversion to Islam.  

Stay slim eating at your favorite spots

Stay slim eating at your favorite spots

You can dine at Mexican, Italian, and steak restaurants without putting on pounds.

Funeral spells unearthed in a queen's tomb

Funeral spells unearthed in a queen's tomb

Hieroglyphics in an Egyptian queen's tomb offered her a guide to the afterlife.  

Phoenix Lights Still Unsolved 13 Years Later

The mystery of the Phoenix Lights remains unsolved 13 years after they were sighted over Valley skies.

The most expensive U.S. cities get cheaper

The most expensive U.S. cities get cheaper

When traveling to places like New York City, you can get a 5-star hotel room for a 3.5-star price.  

Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid

Photo by Bob Krist for National Geographic Traveler.
Bueno Aires's Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid used to be a beautiful movie palace. Saved from the wrecker's ball, it is now one of the most majestic bookstores I've ever clapped eyes upon, a veritable temple to books.
El Ateneo Grand Splendid in downtown Buenos Aires is a spectacular bookstore that retains all the glamour of its former life as a 1920s movie palace, with the original balconies, painted ceilings, ornate carvings and crimson stage curtains. 
The Guardian named El Ateneo as one of the top ten bookshops in the world (along with Secret Headquarters): 'Where else can you sit in a theater box and leisurely read a volume of Neruda, or sip a cortado where Carlos Gardel once performed?'

Iowa Police Seize Really Bad Bogus Bills

Des Moines police said some counterfeit money showing up in the area isn't just bad - it's really bad.

Corporation runs for Congress

Corporation runs for Congress

A startup firm campaigns for office, declaring "corporations are people, too." 

Homeowners get 'cash for keys'

Homeowners get 'cash for keys'

Mortgage companies have found a way to entice owners facing eviction to walk away.

Car Wash Gets IRS Visit Over 4 Cents In Back Taxes

Times are tough ...

A local business owner was surprised to find IRS representatives on his doorstep to collect unpaid taxes, but was stunned to discover they were billing him for less than a nickel of back taxes.

Bold education overhaul proposed

Just don't include Texas 
- they's got their own "Edge-u-mah-kay-shawn" System

Bold education overhaul proposed

The Obama administration unveils its plan to radically change the idiotic No Child Left Behind bullshit.  

Bad History Wins in Texas

Looks Like Bad History Is Winning Wins in Texas 

At least we can agree on one thing: let's not rewrite history. 
But that appears to be all that the wingnuts on the Texas State Board of Education want to do.
It all began when the board selected well-known radicl religious right troglodytes to sit on the six-member social studies curriculum review panel: David Barton of Wallbuilders and Peter Marshall of Peter Marshall Ministries. Barton, who has no credentials as a historian, runs a propaganda organization that issues a steady stream of books, videos, DVDs, pamphlets and other materials designed to "prove" the lie that the United States was founded to be christian country.

Update: Well, the wingnuts did it.
The Board removed Thomas Jefferson from the Texas curriculum, "replacing him with religious right icon John Calvin."
- The Board refused to require that "students learn that the Constitution prevents the U.S. government from promoting one religion over all others."
Texas just got more stupid and a whole lot more ignorant!

The Coffee Party Movement Faces Its First Challenge

The " Coffee Party USA Movement " started as a Facebook page wanting to see elected officials work together.
Accidentally started by documentary filmmaker Annabel Park, the Coffee Party movement faces its first test today: newly-formed Coffee Party chapters are meeting all across the country. Formed out of frustration over what some call the extreme views of the Tea Party movement, and even racism, the Coffee Party movement started with a rant on her Facebook page by Park.

Why Are They repugicans?

The tea party's least favorite repugicans by Kenneth P. Vogel.

Yes why are there any repugicans at all? Are the Gods angry with us or something?
Of course if the teabaggers don't like them then there might just be hope for them yet.

Local Wingnut Bill James draws controversy with remarks on herpes study


A recently released survey on the high rate of herpes cases in Mecklenburg Country drew controversy this week after county commissioner Bill James suggested blacks are more likely to become infected with the disease because they are "more promiscuous."
Some worry that attention paid to James' comments could overshadow the larger message of the new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that an estimated one in six Americans has herpes and black women have the highest rate of infection at 48 percent.
James wrote about the CDC survey in two e-mail messages sent to more than 2,000 people this week, taking umbrage with comments from a CDC official saying the higher rate of infection among blacks is not due to increased risky behavior. The health agency said biological factors make women more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases like herpes, and the higher prevalence of the disease within the black community probably perpetuates racial disparities.
James accused the media and black leaders of downplaying what he alleges are the real reason for high numbers.
"The problem is worse in the African-American community because there is more promiscuous behavior," James wrote, "and it has to be fixed there and programs have to be tailor (sic) there."
James has drawn criticism before over comments toward homosexuals and the black community.
His latest comments drew a strong rebuke from the head of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations Committee.
Willie Ratchford said Friday that James' e-mail was "based upon a misstatement of facts. I just found it to be highly offensive and I felt it was necessary to respond." He called the charge that blacks are more promiscuous a "lie" and that attention should be paid to the millions of others, including whites, who have herpes.
"What the conversation should be is, we need to have better education for people involved in any kind of sexual behavior so that they can stay healthy and not contract deadly diseases," said commissioners Chair Jennifer Roberts. "That is the real conversation and everybody needs to hear that message...."
A number of efforts across the community attempt to get the word out about ways to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The county's Health Department offers outreach programs, and hosts presentations on sexually transmitted diseases at drug treatment centers and to inmates at the county jail.

Losing a friend

We here at Carolina Naturally just received word that a dear friend of ours passed away this morning at 3:34am after battling colon cancer for years and far longer than any of the doctors gave him time for.
We will miss you Doug.

On Sunday, March 14th, 2010 at 03:34 AM, Robert Douglas Shaw's battle with cancer ended.

The world just got a little less weird, and I don't like it one bit.

Douglas is to be cremated and a service for family and friends will be held in the eastern part of the state at a date yet to be determined. Another memorial service will be held at a later date for friends from Charlotte and Greensboro that are unable to travel to the funeral.

Doug has asked that part of his ashes be brought to CRF so that he may attend the 2010 Season of the Carolina Renaissance Festival.

It's PI Day

The day for all geeks to celebrate ... especially the Math Geeks!
Have Fun!

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