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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Have you ever noticed that the "wingnuts" are forever howling about their lack of a voice in the 'liberal media' but this year the Superbowl is going to be interrupted by a wingnut advocacy ad and no counter advocacy ad is being allowed?

OK, so who has a 'lack of a voice' here?

Even to internet forums you find this so called 'lacking of a voice' with the wingnuts shouting out any one who has the temerity to stand up to them until they are the ONLY voices on those forums and yet the still bemoan their 'lack of voice' to each other.

Also, sexual perverts find their way onto forums not meant for that purpose then accuse any one who is not a pervert of being a pervert or they see sexual connotations where none exist due to their perversity and seek to banish the non-sexual persons from 'their' forums.

It is no coincidence that most perverts are wingnuts and most wingnuts are perverts.
They use the same tactics and name any ten instances of sexual peccadillo and nine of those ten would involve wingnuts.

400-year-old mystery could be solved

400-year-old mystery could be solved

Legends say Italian painter Caravaggio was assassinated or fell ill on a beach.

Keep your bones strong for decades

Keep your bones strong for decades

Taking the right supplement at the right age can help prevent hip fractures later on.

How using the Web can hurt your finances

How using the Web can hurt your finances

A poorly managed Facebook profile can attract employers, debt collectors, and scammers.

Cat that fends off bear is a Web hero

Cat that fends off bear is a Web hero

A fearless feline springs into action to protect its owners from a hungry intruder.

And I Quote

Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock.

~ Will Rogers

Obama's speech was a big hit with the American people

To the tune of 83% liking what they heard.

A large majority of Americans who watched President Obama's State of the Union Address generally approve of the proposals he outlined in his speech, according to a CBS News Poll conducted online by Knowledge Networks immediately after the President's address.

Of the randomly selected 522 speech viewers questioned by CBS, 83 percent said they approved of the proposals the President made. Just 17 percent disapproved — typical of the high support a president generally receives among those who choose to watch the State of the Union. In January 2002 — when George W. Bush gave the State of the Union Address a year into his presidency — 85% of speech watchers approved.

You get the sense that people do really want this President to succeed. Because, most people get that his success matters to their daily lives. And, the repugican party now represents those 17 percent who disapproved. That's the hard-core, teabagger crowd. And, no surprise, the Teabagger Party did not approve of Obama's speech calling it "hot air."

In the CBS poll, while people approved of the speech, they didn't expect Obama to deliver:
However, a sizable 57 percent said the President will not be able to accomplish all of the goals he set out in his speech. Most Democrats who viewed the speech (63 percent) said the man they elected would be able to accomplish all of his goals, but only 11 percent of repugicans and 33 percent of independent voters agreed.

Most Democrats and independents who watched said the president shares their priorities, while most repugicans did not.
Getting the economy moving again and creating jobs for Americans just isn't a priority for the repugican party. And, they admit it.

Isn't it illegal to use soldiers as political props?

Rob Diamond over at Huff Post would like to know.
So would a lot of people.
Imagine had a Democrat done this.


Is it illegal? Short answer ... Yes

If it was a Democrat? Short Answer ... All Hell would break loose

Alito's 'You Lie!' moment

Glenn Greenwald explains why this video of Alito, shaking his head and saying "not true" to President Obama, during the State of the Union, matters:
On a night when both tradition and the Court's role dictate that he sit silent and inexpressive, he instead turned himself into a partisan sideshow -- a conservative Republican judge departing from protocol to openly criticize a Democratic President -- with Republicans predictably defending him and Democrats doing the opposite. Alito is now a political (rather than judicial) hero to Republicans and a political enemy of Democrats, which is exactly the role a Supreme Court Justice should not occupy.
Alito, a teabagger ... who knew?
(Note: Massive Sarcasm)

Michele Bachmann pulls out of Teabagger conference

The entire thing is crashing and burning.

But Palin is still going.


And we're still laughing.

North Korea detains American man

A North Korean soldier guards the country's borders.

The highly secretive country has reported the detainment of a US citizen for entering illegally.

Full Story

Mom leaves baby at daycare for a week

Haley Nugent, 18, is a mom in trouble.

Police ticketed the teenager for child neglect on Monday.

Mom leaves baby at daycare for a week

Major Garrett Tweets Ad For Escort Site

What is it with wingnuts and illicit sex?

Faux News reporter Major Garrett made a major mistake last night when, while Tweeting away during the State of the Union address, he tweeted this:

"To overcome the numbing weight of our politics" and other Obama SOTU excerpts http://bit.ly/d6W

The only problem with that is the URL-shortened link above takes you to a site advertising Las Vegas escorts

Full Story


Porsche thief 'drove to court in stolen Lexus

A man found guilty of stealing a Porsche was re-arrested after police learned he had driven to court in a stolen Lexus.

Facebook, Drunk Driving Cost Teen Jail Time

A teenage driver was sentenced to six months of jail and five years probation after crashing her car while drunk and killing her boyfriend, Alex Rozicki, 20, on May 30, 2009 in North Tonawanda, NY (which is located halfway between Buffalo and Niagara Falls).

Full Story

9 Human Parasites You Don't Want Along for the Ride

From Treehugger:

photo of roundworms cdc holding in hand
Credit: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

You've probably heard of the old "Six Degrees of Separation" game, which more often than not leads to Kevin Bacon (he did star in more than 60 movies). When it comes to degrees of separation, we are also intimately connected with tiny, creepy crawly creatures...many you'd rather not think about. But we live with them every day. They're parasites.

All of these pictures may make you want to take a thorough shower, or look into a colon cleansing. They also point to ills associated with environmental pollution. Take the Ascaris lumbricoides, a roundworm shown here that infects the small intestines of children and adults in Africa and the southeastern United States. This worm is associated with poor personal hygiene, poor sanitation and the use of human feces as fertilizer, according to MedlinePlus. But this is just one stomach-churning parasite that might call your body home...

9 Human Parasites You Don't Want Along for the Ride (Slideshow)

Remarkable pileus cloud

Cloud Pretty

Neuron breakthrough offers hope on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

neurons Neuron breakthrough offers hope on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Neurons have been created directly from skin cells for the first time, in a remarkable study that suggests that our biological makeup is far more versatile than previously thought.

If confirmed, the discovery that one tissue type can be genetically reprogrammed to become another, could revolutionize treatments for conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s, opening up the possibility of turning a patient’s own skin cells into the neurons that they need. [...]

The work has been hailed as a huge conceptual leap forward in fundamental biology. “The possibility that cells could be directly reprogrammed is something that people had thought about, but to see it in black and white is still slightly shocking,” said Professor Jack Price, a neurobiologist at King’s College London. “This suggests that there are no great rules — you can reprogram anything into anything else.”

Times Online

Giant Crystal Cave Comes to Light

crystal cave Cueva de los Cristales

Geologist Juan Manuel García-Ruiz calls it “the Sistine Chapel of crystals,” but Superman could call it home.

A sort of south-of-the-border Fortress of Solitude, Mexico’s Cueva de los Cristales (Cave of Crystals) contains some of the world’s largest known natural crystals—translucent beams of gypsum as long as 36 feet (11 meters). [...]

Modern-day mining operations exposed the natural wonder by pumping water out of the 30-by-90-foot (10-by-30-meter) cave, which was found in 2000 near the town of Delicias (Chihuahua state map). Now García-Ruiz is advising the mining company to preserve the caves.

National Geographic

And I Quote

I wish there was a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence.
There's one
marked 'Brightness,' but it doesn't work.

~ The comic Gallagher

Peter Pan ways make bonobos the most amiable of apes

The famously playful, generous and sexed-up apes hold onto their youthful ways far longer than chimpanzees, while some childish traits never vanish.

Peter Pan ways make bonobos the most amiable of apes

Bird Puzzle Solved

A newly discovered fossil sheds light on the mystery of why a group of dinosaurs resembled modern birds.

Cop News

The right way to pick a retirement spot

The right way to pick a retirement spot

Many retirees want to live near family, but these nine other factors may be more important.

Why $25,000 is the magic number for cars

Why $25,000 is the magic number for cars

Carmakers and car buyers both love models priced at this level — for different reasons.

Toddler dials 911 to save grandma

Toddler dials 911 to save grandma

Three-year-old Jaden Bolli knew exactly what to do when his grandmother had a seizure.

World's most-delayed airports

World's most-delayed airports

Only 45 percent of flights arrive on time to the airport with the worst delay record.

Cities hit hardest by foreclosures in 2009

Cities hit hardest by foreclosures in 2009

In the worst-hit area, 12% of households were affected — five times the national average.

The fastest-growing green jobs

The fastest-growing green jobs

These five career fields are poised for a big boom, and not all require a college degree.

'Catcher in the Rye' author dies

'Catcher in the Rye' author dies

In 1951, J.D. Salinger turned the world on its head with the tale of a rebellious teenager.

Dieter's guide to drive-thru restaurants

Dieter's guide to drive-thru restaurants

These fast food items are low-calorie, low-fat options when you're seeking a quick meal.

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