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Friday, September 3, 2010

Checkers Demand Proof

From the "What's good for goose is good for the gander" Department:

Did Orly Taitz really pay her $20,000 fine? "Checkers" Doubt Birther Taitz Paid the $20K, Demand Proof.
The group - calling itself "Checkers" - is convinced that Orly still owes $20,000 dollars to Judge Land, and that the image of the check is either a total phony, or doesn't provide enough evidence to prove that the money was indeed handed over.
"What most  Americans don't realize is that a short-form check, like what Orly's posted online, doesn't have enough information," Allen Bees announced today: "The only way we can be certain of the money having been paid, and Orly actually being off the hook, is to see the long-form check, which would have all the information, and show both sides.
"All she would have to do is show it to us, and we'd be satisfied. Why won't she show us the long form of the check? It's a bit puzzling."

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