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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CNN correspondent rips Faux News' 'lies and deceit'

Faux News is claiming, falsely,  that CNN reporters went on a Qaddafi-organized "propaganda trip" last  night and let themselves be used as human shields in order to help  Qaddafi thwart a British attack.   Faux claims it refused to send its  people on the trip.  Of course, the entire thing is a lie.  CNN's  reporters didn't even go to the location Faux is referring to.  But who  did go?  Faux's guy.

It's about time the real media started  fighting against Faux.  I've got news for CNN's executives - one of the  reasons you're losing viewers to Faux is Faux keeps slandering your network, and  slowly whittling away at your reputation.  Faux, and the repugicans they  work for, have been doing the same to NPR, the NYT and the rest of the  real media for decades.  And you guys refused to fight back.  And, like  radiation, the lies build, and the damage is real and fatal.

Here's CNN's Nic Robertson slamming Faux's lies.

About time!

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