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Friday, February 3, 2012

Editorial Comment

While it has been a while since we lost the use of our mainframe and back up we look forward to having at least the main back up and running by February 20, 2012 although our posting schedule will remain somewhat light for a few days beyond as one of our critical staffers is undergoing knee replacement surgery that day and we will be at her side most of the time for the first few days after that surgery.
After all this time it looks to be that a surge in the current from the power company that zapped the power control(s) of the main and the backup. Well, that is the currently prevailing thought of our tech guy anyway. The unkown surge - as how and why we cannot fathom, there were no storms or outages for other reasons prior to the loss of computer function - has us baffled.
Now if it is only a switch problem and nothing more ... we can all be happy.

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