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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Christie throws Mitt under Bus

He knows which way the wind is blowing

Christie's effusiveness is hurting Romney: Team Romney must feel like Christie is throwing Mittens
under the bus, says John Cassidy at The New Yorker. It's understandable that Christie would be more
concerned about his constituents than politics in a moment like this, but he has "heaped praise on Obama's
handling of the storm" for three straight days. Romney's flaks must be "apoplectic," and wondering,  "Isn't this guy ever going to shut up?" "Romney has a Christie problem and a FEMA problem."

Christie is governor in a blue state Obama will win easily. You have to wonder whether Christie is 
"working a political angle here." Perhaps "he's prioritizing his 2013 election over Romney's campaign."

As long as Mittens gets thrown under someone's damn bus, I don't care who does it or what their motives were.

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