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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Daily Drift

No, it is not photoshopped, it is the 'Kissing Islands'  in Greenland...!
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Swimming with the Shark! ...

Today is (nothing special)  Day  

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Some of our readers today have been in:
Oslo and Bodo, Norway
The Village, Sioux Lookout, Kitchener, Saint John's, Longueuil, Thunder Bay, Ottawa, Joliette, Guelph, and Winnipeg, Canada
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Managua, Nicaragua
Madrid, Spain
Hyderabad, Hubli, Delhi, Kakinda and Bangalore, India
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Dublin and Swords, Ireland
Jakarta, Sukabumi and Pontianak, Indonesia
Ryazin, Russia
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Niva and Neder Vindinge, Denmark
Leeds, Nottingham and Great Yarmouth,  Egland
Lucca, Ivrea and Rome, Italy
Riga, Latvia
Prague, Czech Republic
Chiniot, Pakistan
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Algiers, Algeria
Shellharbour, Sydney and Homebush, Australia
Rouen and Paris, France
Quezon City, Manila, Cafe and Sampaloc, Philippines
Cape Town, South Africa
Bangkok, Thailand
Warsaw, Poland
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Nokia, Finland
Khartoum, Sudan
Auckland, New Zealand
Caracas, Venezuela
Ecatepec and Mexicali, Mexico
Tehran, Iran
Lima, Peru
Al Hammamat, and Ben Arous, Tunisia
Curitiba, Rio De Janeiro and Jundai, Brazil
Singapore, Singapore
Podgorica, Montenegro
Lo Prada, Chile
Athens, Greece

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