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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Want to Annoy repugicans?

Lunatic Fringe 

Show Them This…

Every once in a while I like to use what I call “fun facts to tick off repugicans.”  Just a few facts that conservatives might argue with, yet can’t really counter without looking foolish.
I highly encourage all liberals to share this with their wingnut friends.  Then watch as they haplessly try and argue against each comment.
Here we go:
  • Nowhere in our Constitution does it say we’re a christian nation.
  • In fact, no where in our Constitution does the word “christian” appear even once.
  • Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion—it also doesn’t specify any particular religion.
  • The 2nd Amendment actually refers to a “well regulated militia.”  While it says the right for Americans to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, the phrase “well regulated” obviously infers that this right doesn’t come without regulations.
  • Our Constitution doesn’t mention anything about our nation having to be based on pure Capitalism.
  •  A corporation is an entity, not a person, and our Constitution wasn’t created to protect the rights to entities—they have none.
  • Education is more important than national defense.  What’s the point of a strong national defense if there’s nothing worth defending?
  • There are far more poor and middle class Americans than rich.  If you continue building a society based on taking from the many to benefit the few, then we’re not going to have a nation much longer.
  • Rich people didn’t become rich by giving away their money, Trickle Down Economics is the biggest con our country has ever seen.
  • Decades ago we all paid a much higher tax percentage,  and our economic policies protected the people more than businesses.  During these times our nation saw historic growth and unheard of economic prosperity.  None of that was done by basing our policies on giving more to the rich.
  • Perhaps most news seems liberally biased because your news sources refuse to report facts.
  • Being muslim doesn’t mean someone isn’t America -. islam is a religion, not a nationality.
  • The shrub actually did double our national debt, President Obama has not.
  • The shrub also inherited a balanced budget.  It was his tax cuts and unfunded wars which sent us back into budget deficits.
  • Social Security and Medicare is socialism—and millions of repugican voters benefit from, and receive, these benefits.
  • Health insurance is you paying for another person’s health care—in fact all insurance is you paying for someone else.
  • We had record oil prices under the shrub, not Obama.
  • The “Great Recession” started in 2008, while Obama took office January 20, 2009—you know, after the recession started.
  • If Obama is the cause of our economic problems, why do repugicans avoid, at all costs, being associated with the shrub?
I’ll stop there, though I really could go on for much longer—guess I’ll just have to make another one to annoy repugicans another time.
But I would encourage everyone to take this and share it around, I promise it will annoy the hell out of any conservative who reads it.
And as angry as it might make them, the fun part begins as you watch them try to invent something “factual” to respond with.

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