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Friday, October 18, 2013

Dog opened two doors in successful bid to escape from Humane Society

A dog in Colorado just couldn't wait to get a new home, so he went out and found one. The clever dog's getaway was captured on camera.
The five-year-old Australian shepherd figured out how to open his kennel and then two doors at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. "He had to actually push down the handle, push the door open and walk out in both cases," Gretchen Pressley of the Humane Society said.
"He let himself out of the kennel room ...and let himself out of the building," The dog walked to a neighborhood a mile away and found himself a new home. Ashley Heister found the dog wandering around the area, and decided she wanted to adopt him.

"We think he's a wonderful dog and as much as I would love his owner to come and claim him ...I can't wait to welcome him into my family," Heister said. The Humane Society is waiting a day or two more to make sure his original owners don't claim him, if no one comes for him, the clever pooch will go home with Ashley and be renamed Houdini.

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