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Friday, February 28, 2014

New repugican Plot to Kill Obamacare Would Cost 1 Million Workers Their Health Insurance

According to the CBO, the latest repugican attempt to kill Obamacare through adding 10 more hours to the work week would cost 1 million workers their employer provided healthcare. The CBO report on the House bill that would increase the work week in the ACA from 30 hours to 40 hours found that the bill would increase the deficit, and take away health insurance from 1 million workers.
The CBO laid out the consequences of this repugican plan to American workers:
The CBO’s findings are more proof that repealing, or limiting the ACA will harm the country. The repugican plan would force half of the 1 million workers who will lose their health insurance to get on Medicare or Medicaid. The repugicans would be shooting themselves in the feet because they would be adding people to the same programs that they are trying to kill.
All of the repugican efforts to kill the ACA are based around the same idea of taking access to healthcare away from the American people. To call this latest House repugican scheme harebrained would be an understatement. The repugican plan to “fix” Obamacare is to take away healthcare from millions of people. As a bonus, the cabal of 'fiscal conservative' also wants to increase the deficit while they increase the ranks of the uninsured by 500,000 hard working Americans.
House repugicans are so determined to injure the ACA that they are willing to increase the culture of “government dependency” that they rail against every single day. Small government repugicans are going to meddle in the affairs of private businesses for the sole purpose of scoring a political victory against President Obama.
The CBO’s report demonstrated once again that every single repugican Obamacare talking point is a lie. The ACA is lowering deficit, providing millions with access to affordable health insurance, and not killing jobs.
The repugicans aren’t harming President Obama with their plots to kill the ACA. They are harming millions of Americans, and without even realizing it, they are also harming themselves.

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