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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Amelia Earhart's Disappearance

A piece of aluminum sheeting found on the island where Earhart is thought to have died might match pictures of a window patch on her plane.


Anonymous said...

I read this article with some disbelief. All of the repair patches are documented from Lockheed records and the last time I looked, TIGHAR had the patch diagrams up on their website. No matter the shape of the patch, it had to be attached to the plane on the same stringers that were already there, hence the rivet holes would match the original Lockheed pattern no matter what the dimensions of the patch were. In 1991 when Ric Gillespie produced this "evidence" as  a conclusive piece of Earhart's plane, Lockheed and some of their retired employees that had worked on the Electra construction line and had intimate knowledge of the plane, stated that this piece of aluminum never came off an Electra, whether a repair patch or factory skin. I have several news photos of this entire event. There has never been a shred of conclusive evidence that Amelia and Fred were ever on that island because THEY WERE NEVER THERE. Somebody associated with Earhart's disappearance was on Nikumaroro, but that's a different story!

woodyrogers1 said...

As far as the window patches, they were cut and fit over the windows that were removed. The piece that Ric is showing is too large and irregular to be the window patch. Grasping at straws, smoke and mirrors.