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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Scott Walker Is Already Making Excuses For His Inevitable Defeat In Wisconsin

The repugican Scott Walker is making excuses for his inevitable defeat in Wisconsin before the votes are even counted. Walker is falsely claiming that he is being outspent by Democrats.
Walker complained to Politico that the Chris Christie run repugican governors asshats isn’t spending enough on his reelection campaign,
scott walker emailsIt’s TV spending, Walker emphasized, where national repugicans can make the biggest difference. So far, he said, the out-of-state effort on his behalf “pales in comparison” to what his coalition of foes have spent on the other side.
“I’m hopeful that, just as they have in the past, at least some of the national governors associations have come in and helped,” Walker said. “We can’t coordinate [spending with outside groups] in this state, so we have to see it once it’s up on the air. But they did in 2010 and 2012 and I’m hopeful — I believe they will again this time.”
The Washington Post checked into Walker’s claim and found out the governor was not telling the truth, “The rga has, in fact, spent a boatload of money on Walker’s behalf, including $5.2 million during his 2010 run for office, $8.9 million during his 2012 recall, and $8 million so far this year. In the last few weeks, the rga has committed an additional $1.3 million to advertisements. And so far, repugicans are actually outspending, and out-advertising, Democrats on the air.”
Walker’s sycophants are suggesting that their candidate is setting a storyline of underdog governor wins reelection in a blue state for his presidential campaign, but there is another possibility.
Scott Walker might be looking for something to blame his inevitable loss on. When Walker loses to Mary Burke, but still wants to run for president in 2016, he will need to explain away his defeat. What better way for a wingnut to endear himself to the repugican’s voting masses than to play the martyr for the cause.
Walker can claim that all of the liberals that repugicans are so paranoid about teamed up and ran him out of office. Scott Walker is doing some serious spinning because he is a reelection contest that is a dead heat, and the Wisconsin governor wants to be president.
Candidates who are winning their elections don’t moan and groan about money. Candidates who are worried about losing begin to point fingers before election day. The blame game is also frequently utilized by candidates who are worried about turnout. The outcome of the Wisconsin governor’s election may hinge on small movements in turnout.
The fact that Scott Walker is making excuses is good news for Democrats.

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