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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Did you know ...

According toMike Nichols: "we are all Willie Loman now"
That police killings are at their highest in two decades
That there was no investigation in over 1,000 sex crimes in New Orleans
This NY mall will fine stores if they don't open on Thanksgiving
That trace amounts of Fukushima radioactivity found in waters off California coast
About why wingnuts opt for propaganda over reality
About the haves and the leftovers
That Mark Twain predicted the internet in 1898
That K-mart says employees may request Thanksgiving off; the reality is a bit different
That this new clock may end time as we know it
Here meet the lawyer whose new job is defending scientists against climate deniers
About why the Democrats lost in 4 letters: the DCC
That Michigan State University literally refuses to debate creationism
That a former white supremacist wants to include people of color in the Ku Klux Klan
About this former minister: why I left christianity and started an atheist church
Here Dilbert mansplains feminism
And is Arlington county, VA racist?
Just don't you wish you were paid to smoke pot
That the Galapagos giant tortoises are making a comeback
And we're sorry, but your request to play the devil's advocate has been denied
Here meet the women who are fighting online harassment
That Trader Joe's is under pressure to stop selling antibiotic-raised meat
That the number of homeless students reaches record levels
That support for fracking plummets among Americans
That when freedom becomes just another word for selling products, it isn't freedom
That we will have equality in the workplace in about 2095
The 5 of the craziest conspiracy theories the wingnuts will bring to the freshman congress
About why sand is disappearing

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