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Sunday, December 14, 2014

The repugicans Are In Total Collapse As Democrats Have All The Leverage On Government Funding Bill

Pelosi and House Democrats
Nancy Pelosi told her fellow Democrats that they now have all the leverage they need to get a better government funding bill. It is clear that Boehner’s repugicans are in a state of chaos and collapse.
Pelosi sent a letter to Democrats letting them know that they have the leverage,
“It is clear from this recess on the floor that the repugicans don’t have enough votes to pass the CRomnibus. This increases our leverage to get two offensive provisions of the bill removed: the bank bailout and big money for campaigns provision.
However you decide to vote in the end, I thank those who continue to give us leverage to improve the bill.”
Speaker Boehner clearly doesn’t have the votes. Democratic leader Pelosi has got the repugicans up against the wall. If Boehner moves to the right to try to appease his members that are upset over Obama’s immigration executive orders, he will pass a bill that the Senate will reject.
Democrats want the gift for Wall Street gone, and they want the Mitch McConnell insisted on rollback of campaign finance laws removed. Pelosi has all the leverage. Democrats will hop on board and pass Boehner’s bill as soon as he removes those two provisions from the bill.
Boehner is going to have to come to Democrats and give them something that they can support. House Democrats won’t support the bill as it exists currently. By expressing support for the bill because it funds the government, while trashing the same bill in his statement of policy, President Obama is giving Pelosi room to work.
Democrats are exploiting the dysfunction of House repugicans in order to get a better government funding bill. The odds are that Boehner and company are going to have to pass a short-term CR to keep the government open, while they work with Pelosi to come up with a bill that House Democrats will support.
John Boehner’s failure to lead has left Nancy Pelosi running the show as the minutes tick away before the government shuts down.

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Valen said...

I would like to think that all this production would make us energy independent, once again. However, given the oil companies desire for maximizing profits every year without thought to the future, I doubt it will. As long as we put money ahead of common sense we will continue to lack respect for nature and animals. Our government is not of the people, by the people or for the people it is all about money period, like in this good article, it always has been.