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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Artist to have second road named in his honor after the first was spelt wrong

A second road is to be named in honor of a celebrated Suffolk painter after a typing error meant the first one was misspelled. Paul Earee, who died in 1968, is considered by some to be the finest Sudbury artist since Thomas Gainsborough.
The town and district councils agreed to name a road after him, however, it was misspelled as Paul Airey Mews. After residents refused to change their addresses, a new location was agreed.
The original road sign was installed in Paul Airey Mews, a development close to where Earee lived, in July last year. "It took until February for anyone to notice the mistake," Jodie Budd, customer services manager at Sudbury Town Council, said.
"It was a simple typing error in an email we sent to Babergh District Council," she added. The district council is responsible for registering new roads in its area. Gary Starling from the district council confirmed a location has now been identified and agreed by both councils and Earee's family.

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