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Friday, June 5, 2015

Cheeky badger broke into home through cat flap before stealing Bakewell tart from fridge

A badger sneaked into a home through a cat flap before opening a fridge and helping itself to a Bakewell tart. Geoff Taylor captured the footage after his was woken by the nocturnal animal in the middle of the night at his rural home in West Middlesex.
And the bold badger burglar is a repeat offender, as the night before it was caught red pawed raiding the same fridge, on that occasion it had managed to eat its way through six eggs, including their shells.
On its first visit it shuffled in under the cloak of darkness, waking Mr Taylor from his slumber when he heard the sound of someone or something in the kitchen. Upon seeing Mr Taylor, the badger ran back out through the cat flap.
Then, when Mr Taylor was woken up at about 3.30am the next night, he reached for his camera. Even with the light on, the badger did not stop eating the Bakewell tart - and only ten seconds later did it finally spot that it had been caught. Undeterred, even after being scared off it tried to come back moments later, but found the cat flap locked.

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