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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Man And Wolfdog Go On Grand Adventures Together And Post The Pics To Prove It

Some dogs want to spend their lives by our sides, to experience this adventure called life with their human best friends and make sure they never miss out on a tasty moment.
But most dogs won't get to experience life this way because it's simply too hard to take them with us everywhere we go, so they get left at home.
Outdoor enthusiast Kelly Lund wasn't content to leave his beautiful dog Loki at home while he traveled, so he started taking the massive wolfdog with him and snapping beautiful pics of the moments they share together in the wild.
Loki and his human don't dig the indoor life, and their restlessness will surely keep them camping out under the clear sky for years to come, and hopefully Kelly will keep snapping wonderful pics to share via Loki The Wolfdog's Instagram!

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