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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Path that leads to nowhere is part of major networking project

Residents left bemused after finding a path that does not lead anywhere have discovered it is part of a major networking project.
The mysterious path has been described by residents as resembling the end credits to a film, as it reads ‘to be continued in 2016’. Martin Green came across the path in John Ray Park in Braintree, Essex, whilst walking his Cockapoo, Kuqi.
Mr Green said: “It just really made me laugh as it reminds me of the end to a film, it just seems weird they haven’t finished it when you would have thought they’d have done it all in one go.” The path has been in the park since last Autumn.
Braintree Council have now revealed the path is part of an incomplete network that is due to be completed by winter this year. The plans include a choice of routes. The council will be consulting with residents on the new path network from Monday until March 21. It is not known how much the project will cost or how much disruption it will cause until the consultation is completed.

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