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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Rabbit Hash Has a New Mayor

A very important Kentucky election flew under the national news radar because of the presidential race, but the scoop is out now. Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, has a new mayor. The small community has been under the watchful eye of Mayor Lucy Lou for the past eight years, but beginning in 2017, the mayor will be a pit bull named Brynneth Pawltro, or Brynn for short.
Rabbit Hash has had previous dog mayors. Three of them before Brynn, in fact, starting in 1988 with the inauguration of Goofy Borneman — a pup "of unknown parentage," according to his official bio, who served several years before dying in office at the age of 16.
The position, as you may have guessed, is largely ceremonial. The elections serve as fundraisers for the Rabbit Hash Historical Society. Participants pay $1 per ballot, and are encouraged to vote early and often.   
Lucy Lou is retiring from the job, which consists mostly of sitting on the porch at the general store and greeting visitors. That will make her the first canine mayor of Rabbit Hash to survive her tenure in office. Not that the job is deadly; it's just that Rabbit Hash mayors tend to be re-elected. You can keep up with the new mayor's activities at her Facebook page.

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