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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Titan: A Place To Live?

We are now concentrating on sending people to Mars because we've already been to the moon, and Mars is pretty close compared to the other planets (and more pleasant than Venus). But Saturn's largest moon offers a much better environment for human colonization. Sure, there are drawbacks, but those could be worked around. Let's look at the good things about Titan.
It’s cold on Titan, at -180°C (-291°F), but thanks to its thick atmosphere, residents wouldn’t need pressure suits—just warm clothing and respirators. Housing could be made of plastic produced from the unlimited resources harvested on the surface, and could consist of domes inflated by warm oxygen and nitrogen. The ease of construction would allow huge indoor spaces.
Titanians (as we call them) wouldn’t have to spend all their time inside. The recreational opportunities on Titan are unique. For example, you could fly. The weak gravity—similar to the Moon’s—combined with the thick atmosphere would allow individuals to aviate with wings on their backs. If the wings fall off, no worry, landing will be easy. Terminal velocity on Titan is a tenth that found on the Earth.
But the biggest asset would be the tons of gas available for fuel. Yeah, it rains methane there. Read about Titan and its potential at Scientific American.

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