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Friday, December 2, 2016

Kansas Camera Traps Look for Cougar, Find Gorillas

Police in Gardner, Kansas, got a report of a possible mountain lion sighting in Celebration Park. To determine whether it was true, they set up two wildlife camera traps in the park. Three days later, they were surprised at how many times the cameras were tripped. There were pictures of a skunk, a coyote, a raccoon, two gorillas, a ninja in a ghilly suit, a homicidal senior citizen, Man Bear Pig, and Santa Claus. Chief of Police James Pruetting saw the humor in the situation.
“They did a pretty good job of centering themselves and putting themselves in the camera’s view, because you can’t—it’s like a box and I wouldn’t have known where to stand,” Pruetting said. “We still don’t know who it is. The attention has been 100 percent positive but no one has come forward. I mean, how many people have two gorilla costumes?”
You can see all the pictures at the Gardner Police Department's Facebook post.

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