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Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Pinocchio Familia Museum in Seoul

A teacher in South Korea has turned a lifetime love of Pinocchio into a museum. The Pinocchio Familia Museum in northeastern Seoul houses her dolls, artwork and ephemera related to the Italian tale of a wooden puppet that became a real boy. Renowned Korean architect Moon Hoon designed the three whimsically-shaped buildings of the museum. They are named Wave and Whale, Whale Tale, and Nose Fountain.
The Nose Fountain is the final building making up the Pinocchio Familia Museum. It is seemingly simple, but it is a great finishing touch to the whale-inspired structure. It is also perhaps the most relevant building to the main character behind the Museum. It features an elongated pipe affixed to its nose, and this small detail represents Pinocchio’s elongated nose. What’s more, the pipe is continuously spouting out water to add an element of the sea.
When a nose spouts water, the sea is not exactly what I think of. Take a tour of the architecture of the Pinocchio Familia Museum at Housely.

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