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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Internet Trolls

The internet has proven that globally one type of user can be found more than any other- the "profane and prolific online contrarians" better known as internet trolls.
These sad little souls get a thrill out of making others feel bad or uncomfortable online, and even though most of them wouldn't have the cojones to say that vile crap IRL online they're fearless Internet Warriors. (NSFW language)
The Internet Warriors is a short documentary created for The Guardian by director Kyrre Lien, who traveled all over the world to speak to trolls in their own caves and find out what makes them troll so hard:
Why do so many people use the internet to harass and threaten people, and stretch the freedom of speech to its limits? …Online platforms are their favorite tools to express the opinions that others might find objectionable in language that often offends. Do they behave in the same way when they come offline?
We here know well these trolls - Sad, pathetic little wastes of carbon that they are.
The overwhelming majority of whom are illiterate wingnuts (Hey, the world does not laugh at their 'proper' spelling you know.) projecting their delusions and peccadilloes onto everyone else while self deluding themselves that they are normal and the rest are not.

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