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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Japanese Gardeners Are Going Crazy For These Bunny Succulents

I've been showing you all kinds of succulents lately, to get you in the mood for spring and inspire you to get out and garden, but those lists were missing the adorable succulent driving Japanese gardeners wild.
They're called Monilaria obconica, more commonly referred to as bunny succulents because of their ear-like growths, and they're quite possibly the most kawaii plants on Earth.
Native to South Africa, Monilaria obconica use the small, glittering pearls on their leaves to store water, so they're fairly drought resistant, and the leaf pair "ears" act "as a protective sheath to the stem apex".
But enough of the scientific talk, wanna know the best thing about these bunny succulents?
They're easy to grow from cuttings, as long as the cutting contains "one or more branches along with a fraction of root". So keep your eyes peeled for the cutest succulent on the planet!

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