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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Should Scotland Become a Province of Canada?

Scotland narrowly defeated a referendum on leaving the United Kingdom in 2014, but that was before the Brexit vote. Now the Scottish parliament is pushing for another referendum, which would allow them to divorce the UK and stay with the European Union. But there may be another possibility. Canadian writer Ken McGoogan has proposed that Scotland become a part of Canada.
Mr McGoogan says that if Scotland were to join Canada, it would enjoy a lot more independence and hold a lot more power than it currently does with Great Britain.
Scotland would be Canada's third largest province, with 5.3 million people, which would give it significant political sway. Add to that the millions of Canadians who, like Mr McGoogan, have Scottish ancestry, and you'd have a national-ethnic bloc about 10m strong, he reasons.

More importantly, Canadian provinces are in charge of more aspects of governance than Scotland has been afforded as part of the UK.
Sure, there's the whole Atlantic ocean between Scotland and Canada, but Hawaii is even further from the rest of the United States. Read more about McGoogan's plan at BBC News.

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