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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Wild King Cobra Politely Drinks From Water Bottle

King cobras have a bad reputation, and the mere sight of them makes many people squirm in their seats, so if they saw a king cobra dying of thirst they'd probably say "good riddance".But the animal lover in this video is from Southern India, where people have learned to live alongside king cobras despite their deadly bite. So when a thirsty king cobra came up to the animal rescue worker looking for a drink he calmly gave the snake some water from a bottle.
From the video description:
The video - shot in Southern India - shows a daring wildlife rescue worker offering water to the snake.
The 12 feet long cobra was rescued from a village in Kaiga township - where it has strayed, apparently looking for water.
Some parts of southern India have been hit by drought, making water scarce. Wildlife officials say the drought has severely affected wild animals in the region.
So when the team of rescue workers found the cobra, the first thing they did was to offer it water.

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