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Friday, May 26, 2017

Female physicians are called 'doctor' less than men

Dr. Julia Files was the only woman onstage with three male physicians and a male moderator. Each doctor had given a presentation on his or her area of expertise, and the event—a large and formal meeting with about 500 people in attendance—was coming to a close. The moderator then thanked Dr. So-and-So Man, Dr. Such-and-Such Guy, Dr. This-and-That Dude. And he thanked Julia.
Files, a physician and associate professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic Arizona in Scottsdale, was rattled. “I was really quite taken aback. I thought, Did that just happen? Am I being sensitive? Is it me? Did he do that? Did he mean to do that?” Files tells Newsweek. “You have this whole Internal dialogue while you’re standing there smiling and looking pleasant.” She later wrote that “a sinking feeling overtook me.… This wasn’t the first time I’d been inappropriately addressed by my first name in a professional setting, but it was certainly the most public and glaring example.”

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