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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Girl Scout Stares Down Neo-Nazi, Proving She's The Bigger Badass

Anyone who says Girl Scouts aren't sash-wearing badasses is either a misogynist or has never been strong-armed by Scouts selling cookies, because Girl Scouts have moxie to spare.But it takes more than moxie to stand up to a Neo-Nazi's threats as he goes marching down the street during a rally- it takes true grit and conviction derived from knowing you're on the right side of the road.
A smarmy skinhead started shouting threats at a Girl Scout named Lucie,  who was standing proud in opposition of the Neo-Nazis during a march they held in Brno, Czech Republic, and do you know what she did?Nothing. She gave zero f$%ks about that bald-headed punk's BS, which made a perfect photo-op for photographer Vladimír Čičmanec but only made the skinhead angrier.
He got up in her face and brave Lucie stood her ground without batting an eye, proving she's twice the badass that Neo-Nazi scumbag will ever be!

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