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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mexico has its first indigenous woman candidate for president

For the first time in Mexican history, an indigenous woman is running for president. The country hasn’t had an indigenous president for 145 years, and a woman has never held the highest office. But gender and heritage aren’t the only aspects that set María de Jesús Patricio apart from her contenders.
“Marichuy,” as she’s known, is a 57-year-old traditional Nahua healer from southern Jalisco. She isn’t backed by a political party, but rather by the Indigenous National Congress, which groups together representatives of dozens of nationalities and tribes from across Mexico. And she says that winning the presidency — or even getting votes at all — isn’t the aim of their venture into the electoral arena.
“Our participation is for life; it’s to bring together our communities that have been hit hard for years and years and that, I think, right now need to look for a way to keep on existing,”

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