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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Should Dylann Roof be labeled a terrorist?

Short Answer: YES
White supremacist and neo-Nazi Dylann Roof walked into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Cult on June 17, 2015, during a prayer service that killed nine people, all African-American. Since the tragic event, a major debate that raged surrounding his arrest and trial was whether or not to consider Roof a terrorist.
Roof's status as a terrorist is in some ways a question of semantics. The charges against Roof included murder, attempted murder and use of a firearm. All of the charges were filed under the commission of hate crime and none were categorized as domestic terrorism.
Questions surrounding Roof linger as mass shootings continue to plague America. The most recent example is the recent shooting of Scalice (r-La.) and four others at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, by James T. Hodgkinson last Wednesday.

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