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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Things Only Poor Teens Understand About Poverty

Growing up poor for me meant having one pair of shoes per school year, eating no frills food made from the same staple ingredients, and earning my own money to buy toys my friends got from their parents for "being good". My family wasn't so poor we went hungry, and we could afford basic electronics and electricity so we weren't bored, but I had a few friends who were so poor their lifestyle seemed bizarre to me.
Which is why I appreciated and enjoyed reading this article revealing 5 Things Only Poor People Understand About Poverty by Cracked's John Cheese, a guy who understands there's broke and then there's BROKE.
John discusses issues only people living in poverty truly understand, like how cleanliness becomes a luxury you sometimes can't afford, haircuts are done at home and fads can make it hard to afford new clothes.

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