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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Female students 'perverted little tarts' for drinking

As a Baylor University regent, prominent Texas lobbyist Neal “Buddy” Jones described female students who he suspected of drinking alcohol at parties as “perverted little tarts,” the “vilest and most despicable girls” and a “group of very bad apples,” according to emails he sent in 2009.
They may be 'perverted little tarts' then again they could be 'straight -laced prudes' as well ... drinking does not indicate either. Drinking does indicate a choice to do so (albeit at times peer pressure leaves little room to chose). Some choose to imbibe, some do not, their perversion and/or tart status or lack there of is not directly connected to that choice.
The comments made in the emails however, do indicate the delusions, perversions and depravities of the regent, one "Buddy" Jones.

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