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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Haunted Hotels

Is there a haunted hotel in your hometown? Historic hotels become haunted because so many different people have slept there over a long period of time, and some those folks go to a hotel to keep nefarious activities out of their own homes. Or else there's an even scarier history in the building's past. For example, take the historic Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia.
The Marshall House used to be a hospital during the Civil War and then a medical ward during yellow fever epidemics. Rumors such as faucets turning on by themselves and sounds of children running down the hallway haunt this hotel. If that isn't enough, many TripAdvisor reviews claim to have had ghost encounters, such as this person who "was woken from a deep sleep by a loud whirring noise that made her hair move. She then heard what sounded like drums from a marching band for a while."
Yeah, that's weird, but it's only one story of 13 from hotels across the US at Buzzfeed. You'll want to remember these while planning your next vacation trip.

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