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Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Closest Address Twins

Address twins are two houses, or businesses, that have the exact same street address. Of course, most address twins are in different towns, but not always. The older a city is, the more likely there is some weird history which can lead to more than one street having the same name.
Paul Plowman admits he has a "bizarre interest in all things address-based," and he became interested in finding out which address twins were closest to each other. He used the resources that were available, and astonishingly, found quite a few address twins within a kilometer of each other. The two homes in the picture are both at 2 George Street, Accrington, Lancashire, UK. They are only 235 meters (about a sixth of a mile) apart. They have different postal codes, but that probably doesn't help a pizza delivery driver. Still, that wasn't the closest address twins he found. Two houses with the same street address in different towns were actually closer to each other! Read the saga of how Plowman found them at The Unusually Named Blog.

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