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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Carjacked Infant Found, Honey Biscuits Credited

Two parents were carrying laundry into a laundromat in Galveston, Texas, when a carjacker jumped in their vehicle and took off -with their baby in the back seat! The thief eventually realized the baby was in the car and left her and the car seat in a parking lot about ten blocks away. Stephen Ward found the 4-month-old and called police. The baby has been reunited with her parents, but the car and carjacker have not been found. Ward was reluctant to take full credit for finding the child.  
Ward said he credits his love for chicken and biscuits for leading him to the baby.
"The real hero hit here is Church's Chicken because if it wasn't for those honey biscuits I probably wouldn't have even gone down that way," he said. "I probably would've gone home."
Now, that's the way to get some free honey biscuits! Read the full story at KPTV.

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