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Monday, January 1, 2018

Nervous Reporter Reluctantly Picks Up Brain-Shaped Blob From A Vancouver Lagoon

Watching The Blob made me wary of picking up anything that reminds me of a blob, but the reporter in this video obviously doesn't have these horror movie-related phobias imprinted on her brain.And although she is a bit nervous as she scoops a massive, slimy brown brain blob thing out of the Lost Lagoon of Stanley Park she's not as nervous as I would be about the slimy encounter.
Her name is Martha Perkins of the Vancouver Courier, and although Celina Stames of the Stanley Park Ecological Society watched over Martha as she scooped up the blobby mass (which was a colony of single-celled animals called bryozoans) there may still be blobby repercussions.

If you should hear about Martha's "disappearance", and the authorities discover a puddle of slime in her empty apartment, remember Martha for her bravery and her curiosity in the face of blech-inducing blobbery.

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