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Monday, January 18, 2010

Discovery Channel Tells the Story of Kenny Gallo

The Discovery Channel will tell the story of Kenny “Kenji” Gallo who was one of my most reliable secret sources until he volunteered to leave the Federal Witness Protection Program and write a book.

Information provided by Gallo to the FBI was instrumental in closing down the crime infested Crazy Horse Too topless bar, and imprisoning its purported owner racketeer Rick Rizzolo and several of his associates.

Flipped: A Mobster Tells All
Kenny “Kenji” Gallo
Loyalty, honor, family meant nothing to Kenji.He simply loved living life dangerously. So when the FBI caught up with him, Kenji offered to fly to New York, wear a wire and bring down some of the heaviest hitters of the Colombo Crime Family.

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