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Monday, January 23, 2012

Editorial Comment

We were just informed today that our technical problems are finally going to be addressed shortly.
The holidays and a mutual friend's wedding have taken all the 'spare' time our tech guru has had away from his paying gig.
But now that the holidays have been over and with the friend married off yesterday, he can now look into sloving the issue.
Well, that is if his wife will let him that is - she has been a royal bitch for a year now about everything and anything when she hasn't been the center of everyone's full and undivided attention (even at the wedding she pitched a fit because her hair wasn't fixed first by the stylist doing the wedding party's hair ... and here I always thought it was the Bride who was center of attention on her wedding day, but apparently not).

So we wait patiently for the good news.
And we what to thank our reader Jimbo for the encouraging comments throughout this time of trials and tribulations with the hardware difficulties.

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