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Friday, November 30, 2012

Did you know ...

That Karl Rove's new plan to save the repugican cabal will fail

About the postal deadlines for sending gifts to troops this holiday season

About these 5 charts about global warming that will make you very, very worried

That the world almost ended in 1883

Can democrats retake the house in 2014?

That next Saturday is a national day of action alert to preserve middle class tax breaks

The idiot repugican rep. paul broun: science is straight from the pits of hell

Oh no!!! Homosexuality is caused by incubi and succubi!!

About the future of the white man's party

Here are some other things to worry about besides the fiscal cliff

That in Kentucky you could spend a year in jail for not believing in god

That the nation's largest group of Ob/Gyn's thinks all birth control should be over-the-counter

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