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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bill Maher's solution to teabagger IRS complaints: Tax charities

Real Time host Bill Maher slammed wingnuts for creating a "scandal" over perceived targeting by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), arguing on his blog that exemptions for certain types of charitable groups should be abolished.
"The simple solution is to stop asking the IRS to make value judgments about what's a legitimate charity called 'Patriots for the Violent Overthrow of the Negro Usurper' and what's just a family sex party, like the kind the Palins would crash," Maher wrote on Tuesday. "Make them all pay taxes."
Maher said this double standard in the tax code was highlighted by the increased scrutiny on Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson's tax-exempt non-profit group, the All Day Foundation, following allegations that he used a foundation credit card in 2011 to pay for a party that turned into "a night of drinking, arguing and sex."
According to the Minnesota Star-Tribune, the organization pulled in more than $247,000 in revenue three years ago but listed only three groups benefiting from donations. A Maryland ministry also disputed the foundation's 2009 report that it donated $70,000 to the organization.
"You think Citizens United has created an orgy of dark money? Adrian Peterson threw an actual tax-free orgy," Maher wrote.
Meanwhile, he said, teabagger wingnuts have accused the IRS of targeting them because of their political leanings. Though the allegations have been debunked, Maher said the agency had to make a "angels-dancing-on-the-head-of-a-pin distinction between an organization that raises money for politicians and one that "promotes social welfare." (… by raising money for politicians.)"

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